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100 CCU Students Register For Empowered Conference In 2 Hours

Friday night, over one hundred students at Coastal Carolina University registered for the Empowered Conference.  The Empowered Conference is a grass roots, county-wide conference held to Empower local Horry County residents.  

Empowered Conference

Among the featured speakers will be President Trump’s key adviser Corey Lewandowski. 


Seating is limited, but the conference is open to the public.  Tickets can be purchased at MyrtleBeachSC.com/empowered

Lisa Turansky Jones will address issues that include how the county can protect green spaces for current resident “quality of life” and future generations.  Horry County continues to grow at an incredible 22% growth rate.  With the recent floods, she will also point out protecting our rivers, oceans, and wetlands from ongoing flood contamination. 

S.C.’s Own Lisa Turansky Jones

Recent candidate for S.C. Governor John Warren will also address the audience.  A former combat veteran,  Warren is now a leading voice for positive change is S.C.   Warren lives with his family in Greenville, S.C.

John Warren
Former Marine Leader John Warren Led Over 300 Combat Missions




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