15th Circuit Judge continues her havoc on local families

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Conway Georgetown Family Court Judge Jan Bromell Holmes continues to make headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

Bromell Holmes

Holmes inserted herself into a S.C. Senate race by allowing Attorney Ryan Stamfle to publicly file what should have been sealed records in a family court matter. Senator Luke Rankin won a run off race, leveraging what should have been protected information on a juvenile child. It was called the “Dirtiest campaign in S.C. Politics“. Judge Bromell Holmes was at it’s epicenter until she was removed from the case. Neither she, nor Rankin, nor Stamfle have ever faced consequences for these actions.

A complaint from the owner of the Melting Pot, who lost her business because of a 15 minute Bromell Holmes decision, is among her most recent court complaints.

Yet she continues to receive high praises from her benefactor Horry County S.C. Senator Luke Rankin.

Rankin Praises Holmes at a Family Court JMSC Hearing

Rankin on Holmes

Shanda Nicol in her own words

Mother is forced to food banks for meals so she can pay for court mandated legal fees, just to be with her children.

The statement provided by Shanda Nicol below can be heard entirely in the above video. We recommend watching it there.

Judge Holmes

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