2022-2023 Best Colleges with Landscape Architecture Degrees

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Architecture has always been the awe and inspiration of many. From simply designing the buildings we see around us on a daily basis, architecture goes one step further and tries to incorporate natural and landscape elements into the design itself. The state-of-the-art buildings we can see in catalogs take the landscape, natural, and even historical elements into consideration before even starting to design a building. 

As such, architecture has many subfields. Interior and exterior design are good starting points, but once you move outside of the building itself and inspect the surroundings, you come to see that there is also something called landscape architecture. Needless to say, landscape architecture is not simply drawing – writing is important. You will be writing a lot during your studies, not just designing. 

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Why Study Architecture? 

Architecture lets you express yourself. It is one of the rare fields where you get to be fully creative and really leave a lasting mark on a place or even a time period. The incredible works of the late Zaha Hadid are there to testify to a new era being born. That of organic design. 

How Much Are Architects paid? 

Architecture is a great field to study. It lets you express yourself and show your knowledge on various topics (far from designing itself), and it pays well. In fact, an average architect in the US makes $88,500 per year, while a landscape architect can make upwards of $95,000 per year. These are very interesting numbers to deal with. 

The Best US Landscape Architecture Degrees

Cornell University 

Cornell University is an excellent, world-renowned school that provides top-notch education to almost all who would like to attend. The 4-year landscape architecture program, however, has an acceptance rate of only 11%, meaning that you may have to hire Lets Grade It to make sure you can stay at the top of candidates that have applied. Situated in Ithaca, NY, the University is the perfect place to study in. 

University of Georgia

Situated in Athens, GA, the University offers a 4-year program in landscape architecture. The acceptance rate is somewhat higher than at Cornell University, but you may have to be ready to pay an average net price of $16,600 per school year. Not to be joked with. The recommended SAT range is 1250-1460. 

Penn State University 

If you want to study landscape architecture at Penn State University, you should also be ready to spend 4 years in high-intensity programs the school provides. With the average net price of $26,000, it does not come cheap, but the honors from this University are world-recognized. 

Purdue University 

West Lafayette, IN-based University provides a good acceptance rate of 67%, while the program is a high-intensity, 4-year program. Purdue opens many doors for you but also asks for a good background. The average SAT range is between 1170-1470. 

University of California – Davis 

Last but not least, as this is a mid-range University based on our consideration factors is the Davis University of California. This University provides you with a 4-year educational profile and has a relatively high acceptance rate of 46%. The SAT range is 1160-1400 so that many more students could consider applying here. 

Final Considerations 

Whatever your choice when it comes to our top landscape architecture degrees, you should know that they will provide you with ample opportunities to perfect your skills and prepare you for a very competitive labor market. Use the time in your studies to the best of your abilities. Every hour you spend studying now will convert into an extra dollar on your paycheck. 

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