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5 Great Benefits Of Installing Terrazzo Tile

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Terrazzo Tiles are a beautiful flooring type. They’re made from chipped marble recast into either cement or resin. 

This “reusing” method creates a speckled design of beautiful marble shards against a typically white background. The effect is both cheaper than regular marble and eco-friendly because you’ll be reusing otherwise discarded materials.

But ignoring the beauty and eco-friendly designs, what are the benefits of this tile type?


Terrazzo tiles have a lifespan of around 75 years. This is one of the biggest reasons to invest in the tile type, as you won’t need to replace the flooring for an entire lifetime. Because of the naturally hardy nature, you won’t need to maintain the floor often, and it doesn’t matter if the use of your tiled floor changes.

These ideas are most important in workplaces with changing businesses, for example, rentable office blocks or malls which change shop displays. While using terrazzo tiles, you won’t need to restrict the type of worker or outlet based on their heavy items. Nor will you need to inspect the area for damages year after year.


VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These compounds release vapors or gasses which can be toxic over time. For example, diesel contains VOC and so does tarmac. Tarmac is used outside, which means the toxins defuse prolonged exposure. Diesel, on the other hand, has strict laws around containment safety.

Most tiles will be VOC-free, but some older designs use VOC to prevent bacteria from growing. 

With terrazzo tiles, you don’t need to pick between constant cleaning and toxic air. Because of the concrete element, they are free from both concerns. 

Terrazzo prevents the build-up of moisture which in turn prevents mold growth. We cannot say the same for vinyl, ceramic, or carpet flooring.

Low Maintenance

Terrazzo tiles don’t require a lot of maintenance. They can be cleaned easily, using warm water and dish soap, which means you can put away the bleach and other expensive pH-specific cleaning products.

Despite the flecks of marble, the floor will be flat, which means you don’t need to worry about water getting trapped in dips.

Depending on what the room is used for, you can clean the tiles either every day or every week, but either way, you won’t need to complete a workout to get the job done.

Replacements Are Easy

In the unlikely event that you need a replacement tile, getting hold of one will be easy. It doesn’t matter if your design was handmade and specific to your request or if you bought a packet from a wholesaler. 

The reason for this ease is due to the simple creation method. Terrazzo tiles are cheap to create and don’t require lots of skill to build. Even installing the tiles is simple, so you won’t need to wait until specialist contractors are available.

If you had specialist designs created, simply contact the manufacturer and ask for the same design again. But, if you brought a generic pack, just head back to the manufacturer for another stockpile.

Resistant Surface

Damaging a Terrazzo tile is difficult. It rarely happens by accident. This is partly due to its amazing ability to be resistant to almost everything.

These tiles are resistant to chemical spills, fire damage, water damage, and staining. The resistance comes from the concrete layer and also the sealer.

Your Terrazzo installer will cover the tiles in a sealant which adds additional protection to the beauty of your tiles.

Many people believe that this extra layer causes slippiness, but this is a misconception. Terrazzo is smooth and may seem slippy from afar, but they are slip-resistant (another one to add to the list).

If you’re thinking “ah, I slipped on this tile type in school”, then your school may have “over-cleaned” the tiles. Waxing the floor will strip away the sealant, removing the anti-slipping technology.

Although it might seem helpful to wax and scrub the tiles, you may be dealing more damage than you know.

If your tiles have been waxed, talk to your contractor about applying a new sealant layer.


Terrazzo tiles are perfect for large buildings with lots of traffic as well as homes, kitchens, or outdoor patios.

They can be designed in a variety of ways, so as long as you can draw your concept, your manufacturers can make it.

They are eco-friendly, sturdy, durable, and resistant to most areas of concern. And, despite all of this, the tiles are relatively cheap too.



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