5 Ways Technology Will Help You Manage Your Post-COVID Life


With COVID vaccinations helping to win the fight against coronavirus, it’s becoming time we looked at our post-COVID lives. Healthcare and the workplace have changed so much; it can be challenging to keep up. Check out our handy guide to five ways technology will help you to manage your post-COVID life. 

1. Apps, apps, apps

So many new apps have launched despite, and often because of, COVID-19, it seems like as good a place to start as any as we move into a post-COVID world. Plenty of apps and COVID API were designed to help us manage our lives with COVID, such as COVID-19 Data. 

It isn’t just COVID-related apps that have sprung up either; there are plenty of new apps surrounding the shift to remote working. 

2. Remote working

It might not be for everyone, but remote working is here to stay whether you like it or not. For fans of the at-home office, new technology and new uses for existing technology are abundant. With apps like Slack, Asana and ClickUp, the remote office functions pretty well, and many more employers are offering permanent remote working options. 

You can even keep the social aspect of the office alive with a water cooler or staffroom channels on Slack.

3. Socialising and Keeping in Touch

Before COVID, our society used to be all about going out and meeting up. Since the onslaught of virtual events, Zoom conferences, and video calls, we’ve all learned to manage better without face-to-face contact. If anything, it’s easier to manage your social life with post-COVID technology, as all your contacts are in one place.

Our post-COVID lifestyles give us the chance to communicate in new ways. Many people have ended up getting back in touch with old friends or making new friends online through the last two years or so. 

4. Medical technology and virtual healthcare

Since COVID-19 arrived, medical technology has been pushed to its limits. With test kits, vaccinations, and crucial apps, there is plenty of new technology out there to help you manage your post-COVID life. 

The way we access or provide healthcare has also changed, and with so many appointments being done virtually, it offers hope for a broader range of healthcare options. For example, some medical appointments work better over the phone, which saves unnecessary trips to the surgery. However, telehealth can always be improved, but this is the perfect opportunity to expand medical care options.

5. Better provision for the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing

With so much of our daily lives being moved to video or phone calls, accessibility for the d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing has improved. It’s not just the hard-of-hearing who use captions or transcripts, either. Many people switch captions on in busy rooms or on public transport. 

There are many ways in which technology will help you manage your post-COVID lifestyle. We’ve only listed five above, but there are sure to be others. Whether it’s apps, remote working, or virtual healthcare, technology is, and will continue to be, a big part of post-COVID life.