6 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Book A Green Hotel

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The world’s population is becoming a lot more concerned with the environment. If you are a person who wants to protect the planet from things like global warming, carbon emissions, and excess waste, then on your next vacation you might be considering visiting a green hotel.

A green hotel is a hotel that focuses on sustainability. Such hotels adopt energy conservation methods in order to reduce their environmental footprint. Giving your support to these types of hotels can be very good for the environment.

This post will tell you some crucial reasons why you should book a green hotel on your next trip abroad.

Supporting Sustainability

When you stay in a green hotel, you support sustainability. Very few brands and companies are actually taking steps to protect the planet, so it’s crucial that you support the ones that are. According to the travel experts from Sustays, with every booking you make, two trees are planted. Many other hotels and travel services will also plant trees every time you book with them.  If we do not all begin supporting sustainable companies (and living more environmentally friendly lifestyles) then future generations are going to suffer. Getting into the habit of supporting sustainability on your vacations will no doubt lead to you supporting it in daily life, too.

Experiencing Nature

Most green hotels are based in woodlands and forests.  When you stay at one, you experience nature for what it is. Truly experiencing nature is what makes staying in green hotels so fun. More often than not, green hotels offer guests huts and cabins, and sometimes even tents. Very rarely are green hotels actual hotels, as in large buildings where guests’ rooms are all basically on top of each other. In addition to experiencing nature, when you stay in a green hotel, you also get a lot of privacy. Rooms are not directly next to each other or on top of each other. You are able to enjoy nature without hearing the people in the next room, or bumping into them outside.

High-class Settings

However, just because green hotels tend to mean staying in cabins and tents, that does not for a second mean that the service is any less than five-star. Many of the tents and cabins are specially designed and engineered to ensure comfort; they are unlike any tent or cabin you will have encountered in your life before. Some of them are actually more comfortable than hotel rooms. That said, you do need to do your research and book a well-reviewed green hotel. Of course, some are better than others. You need to find the one that’s best, within your budget.

Special Promotions

Because green hotels aren’t as popular as they should be, they often hold special promotions in order to entice people to come and stay with them. When you are looking for a hotel to stay in, do your research and try to find one that offers promotional deals to people. Promotional offers include things like a free night’s stay, free food, or upgrading to a more luxurious room for less.  Never book anywhere until you have done your research and checked whether or not you are able to access any special promotions or deals.

Affordable Prices

Another fantastic thing about green hotels is that compared to five-star hotels, they are very affordable. However, you still get a five-star experience. If you are on a budget and still want to have a fantastic vacation despite that, you can have one by staying in a green hotel. Again though, do your research. Not all green hotels are affordable, some do charge a lot of money. It tends to be the ones in more expensive areas (i.e., around capital cities) that are the most expensive. This is because such hotels cater almost exclusively to wealthy people. If you look a little further away from capital cities and built-up areas, you should be able to find a green hotel that’s affordable and on budget.

Focusing on Quality

Finally, green hotels focus on quality more than any other type of hotel. The reason for this is quite simple. Since not many people have heard of (or want to) stay in green hotels, green hotels have to ensure that their guests are given incredible, unforgettable experiences. By ensuring that guests receive such experiences, they can then benefit from word-of-mouth marketing, which is when guests talk very positively about them to their friends and encourage others to stay with them.

Green hotels are without a doubt the future. More and more people around the world are starting to become very concerned with the environment and are beginning to live more sustainable lifestyles. If you want to live a more sustainable life, then instead of staying in an ordinary hotel on vacation, try out a green one.

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