6 Things You Need To Hear If You Own A Bakery Business

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As a bakery owner, you are already aware of the many dos and don’ts of the business, and even though you have a high-quality product and everything sitting on your shelves is freshly baked this morning, there is more to the whole business than simply loving and knowing how to bake. We are not underestimating the importance of having a high-quality product; rather, we are stating how a bakery is a business in the end, and therefore you must take certain steps to ensure it grows and brings you profit. Therefore, here are six things you need to know if you own a bakery and how to expand and grow the business. 

Your location plays a huge role 

Find a good location with high traffic and pedestrians constantly passing by. Bakeries in shopping centers will attract a large number of passers-by with the look and smell of the product. You also need to decide what kind of goods your bakery will produce. Cakes, pies, and bread are some of the items your bakery could specialize in. Offering a variety of goods will also attract a wider clientele. You can always look for the best-selling items and maybe even make a little questionnaire to see what kinds of baked goods people prefer the most. In shopping centers, we presume something small and delicious should do the trick, as people are probably just looking for something to grab a bite of. If you happen to be near schools or workplaces, donuts and other sweets are often sought after, much more than bread, as people are looking for some sugar intake to keep them going for the day. Therefore, the location plays a huge role not only in terms of having a lot of people passing by but rather the kind of baked goods you should concentrate on. 

Keep track of all the ins and outs 

We are aware of the fact that you did not open a bakery because you are good with numbers, but keeping track of your sales, the amount of money you are spending on ingredients, and all the other “accounting“ stuff can determine the success or failure of your business. No matter how good the goods are, a bakery should be treated as a line of occupation, and therefore this tedious “paperwork” is an inseparable part of its success. Often, people are extremely talented when it comes to baking, but lack the proper management skills to keep the business afloat. One way to prevent this from happening is by using invoice templates tailored specifically for bakeries with the sole goal of making it easier for the owners to keep constant track of everything regarding their business, from client content and information to the money spent on salaries, transport of goods and ingredients. Having an overview of everything going around gives you a chance to take the proper steps in expanding and growing the business. This way, you can work on making all the needed payments on time and also keep track of where all the other money is going. It allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the business as well, as you’ll spend less time worrying and more time being creative and productive. 

Hire people to make it easier for you 

Opening a bakery is a business idea that will be more successful if you have a small staff to help you. If you are the main baker, you must be at your workplace long before the bakery opens. This means that you will probably go home before the end of your shift if you have employees who will take care of the customers even after your departure. Doing all the work and preparing and selling the goods all day can be done by one person, but this is almost impossible over longer periods of time. If you are still unsure about opening a bakery, consider visiting bakeries in nearby places and talking to their owners for some additional tips and recommendations. 

Market yourself 

You’ll need a marketing plan, and even though you could simply rely on people’s recommendations, investing in your marketing and becoming more involved in promoting your business should be something worth your time and effort. Marketing involves being active on social media, spreading awareness of your brand, and maybe even shooting a commercial. Whatever works for the business should be tried out and taken into account. 

Go shopping for ingredients 

Fresh ingredients are always better than shelf-bought ones, and as the owner, it would be preferable if you visited the local market from time to time to look for new and always fresh ingredients. It will give your baked goods a little “kick” and it is also beneficial to go around and thereby spread the word about your business. We also advise talking to professionals, maybe visiting some new bakeries for ideas and additional thoughts, and looking for ways to expand the business by introducing new and fresh products you previously haven’t had. 

Investing in your equipment and keeping it up-to-date is just as crucial as the ingredients. This will make things much easier for you and the business as a whole.

Look for ways to cut down on costs

This can be a bit tricky, but with every food business, you cannot overprice your goods as your competitor will get hold of your customers. We, therefore, advise looking at ways to cut down on some extra costs and expenses while still keeping the quality of goods as it was. This can be done by making a good marketing plan and maybe cutting down on some things that are not essential to it or looking for cheaper ingredients elsewhere. They do not have to be bad; it is only that some marketplaces provide the same product at a lesser price.

It seems like a lot of work, but in the long run, all of this can prove quite beneficial and will definitely result in much more profit and success.

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