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After FBI Investigation launched, Miller and Winslow go quiet

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David Hucks
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After MyrtleBeachSC News informed the public that the FBI had been called in to investigate the Mica Miller suicide yesterday, the Solid Rock Website, which was briefly up that morning, suddenly went down again. The Mica Miller FBI matter has brought about increased national attention.

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Solid Rock Church Website Today

Mica Miller FBI
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By late afternoon yesterday, every legacy news outlet had followed us in covering this news story.

Winslow has since gone silent as has John-Paul Miller.

For those not familiar with the story,  Mica Miller, estranged wife of the JP Miller, Pastor of Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, died of a gunshot wound at a public state park in NC just an hour’s drive away from her home.

The death was ruled a suicide. Just 48 hours prior to her death, however, Mica served John-Paul Miller with divorce papers.

The overseers of Solid Rock Church in Market Common then released Pastor John-Paul Miller from all ministerial duties. However, Pastor John-Paul Miller actually owns the church building. This makes it impossible for him to be fired.


Attorney Tom Winslow owns 200 acres that back up to the creek that leads down to where Mica’s body was found. Tom just asked Nina, his property manager, yesterday to go start cleaning up there as it is overgrown. 

Mica Miller FBI
Winslow’s land backs up to state park where Mica’s body was found

The Mica Miller FBI matter – A Brilliant Move

Working with Mica’s own attorney, and with legal help from Attorney Tom Winslow, John-Paul had Mica medically and legally determined to be mentally unstable.

Yet, it was Mica that pulled a brilliant maneuver putting the spotlight fully on John-Paul.

On March 14th, Myrtle Beach police reported that nearly $1,200 in donations meant for Solid Rock Ministries’ missionary efforts in Africa were stolen by Mica Miller. The local police quickly closed that case.

However, the $1,199 that transferred to her bank account set federal banking authorities into action.

The crux of the case today is a matter of banking records. One key state Representative tells our news team that JP Miller has substantial holdings, including a convenience store near Loris, S.C., an ownership piece in a Myrtle Beach piano bar, the church building that Solid Rock operates in, among others.

Where did a pastor get the funds to make so many significant investments? Why does a pastor need to lawyer up with 3 different lawyers including: State Representative Val Guest, Attorney Tom Winslow (former Law Partner with Senator Stephen Goldfinch), and Attorney Russell Long.


Few in the Christian community, and his own church, have confronted Miller with what is biblical in this matter.

Biblical contrition – “I was wrong”

The public has seen no acts of remorse nor contrition about his part in what happened here. In all such issues, like this, every human plays their own role. Miller has never stated he was wrong about anything.


Following the book of Acts, Miller should deed over the church building to the congregation. That’s right. It’s Biblical. Selling the congregation the Solid Rock building would be sinful.

If Miller desires to live out what he preaches, he should deed over the title as a gift to the church. Doing so, or not doing so, will show this community the true measure of where Miller’s heart is.


Winslow can be seen pictured above with Miller.

This matter is now a federal banking matter as it relates to how church funds are spent and how the African mission’s funding has been used.

Once again, we make our readers aware that we know Mica kept a diary. The bank also keeps detailed records.

Winslow should voluntarily do everything in his power to work with the FBI in this matter. Should any records be shredded, hard drives be destroyed, computers tossed, phones destroyed, etc, Winslow should be held accountable by the S.C. Bar.

This is not a time to hide behind attorney client privilege.

More is certain to come out on this Mica Miller FBI saga.

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