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Horry County Council
Horry County Council

Ambush Vote On 905 Development Betrays Public Trust

Horry County Council voted to approve a large new, residential development located on Highway 905 and Buck Creek road last night.  The development is the project of Horry County insider Mike Wooten and has been highly controversial.  The vote was placed on the agenda multiple times only to be removed when social media made councilmen aware that large crowds were planning on attending each council meeting with the vote on the agenda.

One day after Labor Day, the vote showed up on the agenda once again when few were noticing.  The controversial development passed six for with five against.

Development On 905

Pristine Forest Will Be Clear Cut For New Development

Mike Wooten
Mike Wooten, DDC Engineers. Former S.C. Highway Commissioner, Project Developer

Highway 905 and Buck Creek road are the cross road location of  these 1,000 new homes.  Each are two lane roads. Horry County Council has no plans to build a four lane road in the area.  There are no plans nor any funds for budgeting new schools, new police, nor new firemen in this area.  The developer will not be required to bear any of these new infrastructure costs. Residents county-wide will ultimately be required to pay taxes to cover the additional infrastructure needed for this new growth.

Long term plans are to create a new Carolina Forest like community in the approved area.


Below is the list of  Horry County Councilmen who voted for Mr. Wooten’s development.

Mark Lazarus
Mark Lazarus, Horry County Council Chairman -Voters are sending him home on January 1, 2019
Johnny Vaught
Johnny Vaught runs un-opposed this Fall
Paul Prince
Paul Prince is the representative for District 9 Longs/Loris. Term expires 12-31-2020
Danny Hardee
Danny Hardee District 10.  Term Expires Dec. 2020

Gary Loftus

Term Actually Expires Dec. 2020

Cam Crawford
Cam Crawford District 6.  Term Expires Dec. 2020




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