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Are Arab Funds Tied To Recent Chinese Myrtle Beach Investments?



The Israeli Mossad has alerted U.S. Homeland Security  that recent Chinese investments in Myrtle Beach may have some ties to Middle Eastern Arabian financial concerns.

In the below interview seen here,  Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President Brad Dean can be seen touting the Chinese purchases of Myrtle Beach area golf courses on the Arab owned Al Jazeera network.

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This news all comes as Mayor John Rhodes has just returned from a 16 day trip to China,  of which details were closely guarded by the Mayor and Myrtle Beach City Council.

In all of the prior investments,  Myrtle Beach corporate leader,  Burroughs and Chapin was very careful to keep one degree of separation of that firm from the Chinese buyers in each transaction.   The purchase of the golf courses was done through a shell organization paired with the Myrtle Beach National company called  National Golf Management.

In the most recent $25 million oceanfront Chinese purchase which we reported,  Burroughs and Chapin sold the Oceanfront “Dunes Club” area land to a company operating as GDMB OCEAN LLC , (LSTAR MANAGEMENT)  who then sold the Oceanfront property to the Chinese investors.   As the Sun News reported yesterday,  the sale of that larger land tract has now resulted in Burroughs and Chapin being sued by Lowes Food Stores.   The Sun News report states:   In December 2013, B&C sold a substantial amount of its property within the Grande Dunes development to LStar Management, including the tract upon which the 45,000-square-foot Publix will open this summer. 

The Sun News story reports only on the lawsuit that Lowes Foods filed against B &C as a result of LStar selling a portion of the land to Publix Grocers.

The issue for Israel is whether these Chinese funds, now finding their way into Myrtle Beach, have any Arab ties.  As reported in January 2016 by Al Jazeera here:

There is clear and long-standing evidence of an expanding Chinese economic presence throughout the region – from the massive energy markets of Saudi Arabia and the infrastructure developments in Iran to the domination of trade with Lebanon.”

We are told that the Israeli Mossad comb every item in Al Jazeera daily as they believe coded messages are sent through the network.

Even if it should be true that these Chinese investments have Middle Eastern ties,”  said David Hucks,  Investigative Journalist at MyrtleBeachSC.com, “the way that B&C has legally set up each transaction gives them one degree of separation from any of these Chinese purchases and these monies.”

This does leave Chamber of Commerce President Brad Dean and Mayor Rhodes in odd positions, however.  As these two area leaders were the first to visit China and pursue financing for these private businesses,  many will question what they did or did not know from the onset.

U.S. relations with Israel have cooled in the last eight years.  Most Americans and many Israelis believe that the Obama administration has gone out of its way, at times,  to be confrontational with the Israeli government.   As such,  it is unclear at what level the U.S. Government  will take interest in this international alert.

MyrtleBeachSC.com reached out to Jim Apple,  President of Burroughs and Chapin for his comments on this alert.   As of today’s reporting we have not heard back from him.

MyrtleBeachSC.com wants to state clearly that we have no concrete evidence of any relationship between these Chinese Investments and Middle Eastern concerns.  We are simply reporting that the Mossad has recently raised an alert  with Homeland Security.