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A G Wilson
S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson

Attorney General Wilson’s Key Assistant Subpoenaed To Testify In Corruption Probe

 Sources, including Columbia’s Fitsnews, are reporting that S.C. Solicitor General Bob Cook has now been  subpoenaed by Special Prosecutor David Pascoe in the ongoing State-Wide Ethics probe.  Cook is one of current Attorney General Alan Wilson’s top assistants.  Cook has served several previous administrations and he also has ties to Richard Quinn, Sr. who is at the center of the state-wide corruption probe.

Wilson describes Quinn Sr., the indicted S.C. political consultant, as a long-standing good friend.

Wilson is running for re-election in the June 12th primary.

His key opponent, conservative Greenville Attorney William Herlong sent the following email to his supporters yesterday.

William Herlong
William Herlong, Candidate for S.C. Attorney General
Alan Wilson’s top assistant has been called to testify in front of the state grand jury. The special prosecutor’s probe of criminal conduct has officially reached the Attorney General’s office.
I never want to be accused of negative campaigning. That is not who I am- despite my opponents’ political operatives going so far as questioning my Christian faith. I won’t stoop to their level.
But I believe you should know that this development places a serious cloud of uncertainty over Alan Wilson’s office and campaign.
We cannot have a Republican nominee for Attorney General who might be compromised. As we are seeing nationally, Democrats are fired up and ready for the upcoming midterm elections.
The Democrats would love nothing more than for South Carolina Republicans to nominate an Attorney General who’s under a cloud of suspicion.
And can you imagine a Democrat Attorney General elected in South Carolina? It’s possible, if Alan Wilson is on the ballot.
You have a choice in this primary election, and going forward, when it comes to Alan Wilson.
Please consider these FACTS:

These are facts, friends. They are not opinions.

We don’t know where the special prosecutor’s criminal probe is going. But top advisors to the Attorney General aren’t called in front of grand juries for a cup of coffee. It doesn’t work that way.

I urge you to consider these facts over the coming weeks and months, and look forward to seeing you between now and June 12th.

William Herlong
Republican Candidate for Attorney General



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