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Greenville Wrongful Death Lawyer Profile: David Price, Jr.

Branded as the Best Trial Lawyer, Best Personal Injury Lawyer, and with the Best Law Firm in the 2018 Greenville News Best of the...

It’s The Biggest Step Towards Protecting Horry County Residents From Flooding In More Than 30 Years

The financial consequences of flooding have been devastating to Horry County’s families according to a new study by Climate Cost Project. On average, those that...

South Carolina Divorce Facts You Must Know About

When you are faced with a problem with marriage and getting a divorce, you might have tons of questions running through your mind. Things...

7 Things You Should Know If In A Myrtle Beach Car Accident

When you are involved in any car wreck, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to assess the damage caused by the accident in...

Personal Injury Lawyer Spotlight: Steven Krause

Whenever an act of negligence or carelessness of a particular person, party, group, or organization causes a physical or psychological injury, the victims must...

Can Out of State Travelers File a Workers Comp Claim?

Workers’ compensation insurance is beneficial not only for employees but also for employers. Filing this type of claim will help workers in the case...

Myrtle Beach Personal Injury FAQ with Attorney David Aylor

While Myrtle Beach is idyllic in many ways, it's important to remember that serious, injury-causing accidents occur daily in and around our community. Attorney...

Rolling the dice on local home flooding

OPINION Why Do We Let Washington Play Vegas Bookmaker on Flooding? If you go into any sports book in Las Vegas to bet on an upcoming...

Flood families express the importance of Imagine 2040

Since Hurricane Florence, families who flood have come together in a Facebook Group called Horry County Rising and have been working to reduce flood...

NOTICE: April 13, 2019 Horry County Republican Party Convention

By Lisa Bean Williams Horry County is only a day or so away from the Horry County SC elections for the County GOP party representatives....

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