Originally published as How to measure your waist without a tape measure? What can I do if I want to measure my waistline but can't find a tape measure? Don't panic, just find some string, paper money, or printer paper, and even use your hand to quickly and accurately measure the waistline. Steps Method 1 Measure the waistline with a rope ? 1 Take off your clothes. Ideally, you want to measure against your skin, because a bulging top or underwear can affect the accuracy of the measurement. X Research source Find the exact position of the waist. The waist should be measured between the rib cage and the buttocks. If you look in the mirror, your waist narrows slightly above your belly button. X Research Source If you still don't know where your waist is,personalised tailor tape, bend your body slightly to one side. At this time, the place where wrinkles appear on the body is your waist line. Expand the full text Wrap a piece of rope around your waist. After finding the waist, wrap a rope around the waist. The rope should be straight, parallel to the ground,garment measuring tape, and close to the skin, but not too tight. X Research Source If you don't have a rope, you can also use dental floss or yarn instead. Don't pull in your stomach, so that the measured waistline is not accurate. Exhale and write down the length of the rope. You can mark the rope with your finger or cut the rope. In short, you have to exhale, not inhale, bra tape measure ,bespoken tape measure, because your stomach will swell slightly when you exhale. X Research Source If you don't have scissors, use a black permanent marker to mark where the ends of the string meet. Measure the length of the rope with a yardstick or ruler. Straighten the rope and lay it flat on the table. Use a yardstick or ruler to measure the length of the rope. When measuring with a ruler, you need to measure several times. Just press the rope at the end of the ruler with your finger, and then move the other end of the ruler to your finger to measure again. X Study the source. When measuring, the rope should be completely straightened and fitted with the ruler. If the rope is not straight, the measured result will be slightly smaller than the true value. Method 2 Measure the waistline with other daily necessities Wrap one yuan around your waist and multiply the number of banknotes by 13 centimeters. The fifth set of RMB with a face value of one yuan is 13 centimeters long and 6.3 centimeters wide. You can stick several pieces of RMB together and wrap them around your waist. Multiply the number of notes you need by 13 to get a rough idea of your waistline. X Research Source If you have five one-dollar bills on your waist, multiply 5 by 13. Your waist is 65 centimeters. If the last note coincides with the first one when it is pasted along the waist line, fold the last one in half, or fold it into three equal parts. For reference, a 1 yuan note is 6.5 centimeters long when folded in half and 4.3 centimeters long when folded into three equal parts. X Source of research 2 Measure waist circumference with printer paper. The length and width of A4 printing paper are about 28 centimeters and 22 centimeters respectively. Glue the corresponding edges of the printing paper together to form a circle around the waist. Multiply the number of sheets by 22cm (if the long sides are joined) or 28cm (if the wide sides are joined) to approximate your waist size. X Always use standard printer paper for research sources. If you use the above length and width to calculate the waist circumference, but the paper is too long or too thin, the final calculation of the waist circumference will be inaccurate. If the last piece of paper is too long, fold it in half or in three equal parts so that it covers the whole waist. Half of the printing paper is 10.8 cm long and one third is 7.2 cm long. Add this number to the final result to get your waistline. Measure the approximate length of the waist by hand. When the palm is open, the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger is about 23 centimeters. In addition, the length of the first knuckle of the index finger (from the uppermost knuckle to the fingertip) is about 2.5 centimeters. Knowing this data, you can estimate the length of your waistline. X Research Source If you use a rope to measure your waist, but don't have a ruler, measure the length of the rope by hand. Use your open fingers to measure along the rope section by section, and add up the length of each section to get the waist circumference. Note that the results obtained by hand measurement are not entirely accurate. If you are very tall or very short, the results will be different from the actual waist circumference. So you'd better measure the distance between the tips of your thumb and little finger when the first knuckle or palm is open, and then measure the waist circumference according to these data. You need to prepare Rope,custom tape measure, dental floss, or yarn Scissors Permanent marker A ruler or yardstick One-yuan RMB note Tape Standard print paper . Return to Sohu , see more Responsible Editor:.

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