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Bad Week For SCDOT – First Indictment, Then Takes Credit For Dean Way

It has been a bad week for the SCDOT. First news broke that former SCDOT Commissioner (and Loris native) John Hardee plead that he “altered, destroyed, mutilated or concealed” a “record, document or other object” so it could not be used in an investigation. And, the agreement states, he “did so corruptly.”

The SCDOT previously named an expressway after the indicted commissioner, who just happens to be Hugh Leatherman’s son-in-law.

John N Hardee Expressway In Columbia, S.C.

This morning, after our report of yesterday, the SCDOT also made us aware that their group was actually responsible for naming BRAD DEAN WAY in Myrtle Beach as well.

An email from Mark Kruea, Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer, also confirmed that information.

Said Kruea, “Oak Street is a state-owned right-of-way.  Our research shows that the SC DOT Board authorized “Brad Dean Way” as a secondary street name in April 2018.  See the attached DOT resolution, below.  A secondary street name, such as Veterans Highway, is not an official street name and does not require any address change.  The city did not make the sign, either.  As you may be aware, by state law the Planning Commission – not City Council – is the public body with the authority to official name streets and change street names.  This is not an official street name, and it was not approved by the Myrtle Beach City Council. 




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