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William Bailey
District 104 Representative Elect William Bailey

Bailey And Gardner To Be Certified Area Winners

The William Bailey campaign and the Johnny Gardner campaign each informed MyrtleBeachSC news today that they will be confirmed winners in their respective elections.

After the counting, Bailey’s vote total changed by one vote.  Bailey has won the election by 17 total votes.

Greg Duckworth’s campaign staff was present when  Sandy Martin of the Horry County Elections Commission presented the news.  Duckworth, Bailey’s opponent in District 104,  hired Mayor Brenda Bethune’s former campaign manager, Walter Whetsell to run his campaign this cycle.

Walter Whetsell

Walter Whetsell

Records turned over to Special Prosecutor David Pascoe’s state-wide corruption investigation and the FBI last Fall,  show that  Walter Whetsell of Starboard Communications, was paid $24,935.66 in TDF (tourist tax) monies in 2011. Those TDF dollars are only supposed to be used for out of marketing, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, advertising.

Johnny Gardner
Johnny Gardner

The Gardner campaign informed us that a total of 100 possible votes were still in the balance.  However, Gardner won by 194 votes.  The ballots in question are in the county in areas where Gardner beat Lazarus by more than two to one.   There is no numeric political way Lazarus can win the Horry County Chairman’s election.

Gardner and Bailey will be certified local winners at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Duckworth and Lazarus can legally challenge the results within 5 days from tomorrow.

5:44 p.m. Update:  Gardner wins by 196 votes.  All ballots now counted. 



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