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Between 250 And 400 Show Up For McMaster-Pence Event

Only between 250 and 400 people attended an event at Coastal Carolina University that local insiders claimed would turn the tide in the Governor’s race for current Governor Henry McMaster in Horry County.

The Sun News reported as many as 400 people showed up, but those who attended told MyrtleBeachSC news that the number was closer to 250 people.  The Coastal Carolina auditorium seats 1,000.

The McMaster team promoted the event as a standing room only, rock star gala.

“It wasn’t Pence’s fault”, those who attended told MyrtleBeachSC News.  “We love Pence and Trump.  It was that circular team of insiders who glad hand one another ongoing.”

Local Representative Alan Clemmons Kicked Off The Event

McMaster has a collusive history with the likes of Horry County  District 107 S.C. Representative Alan Clemmons, Horry County Senator Luke Rankin, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, Florence Senator Pro Tem Hugh Leatherman and a bevvy of Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce insiders whose politics lean towards self serving, high taxation including an annual $32 million tourist tax.

Rankin, Graham, Leatherman and McMaster  each have employed the same powerful political consultant for decades.  Their combined former political consultant Richard Quinn, Sr. pleaded guilty last December and turned state’s evidence.  That investigation is ongoing.

Rick Quinn Sr
Rick Quinn Sr. Picture Right with his son, left. McMaster’s powerful political consultant brought down by state-wide ethics probe.

The McMaster camp will have to pay for the costs of flying the Vice President in on Air Force II and closing Highway 501 for his visit.  The costs of the use of Coastal Carolina must be covered by McMaster as well.

According to a March 17th article in the Washington Post,  Air Force One costs $206,337 an hour to operate.  We were unable to find the costs to operate Air Force II.

McMaster faces former Marine John Warren in a run off this coming Tuesday.  McMaster is the first S.C. Governor in the modern era who has ever been in such a political position.



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