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Bill Howard – Balancing The Needs Of District 2


Voters will go to the polls next Tuesday to choose their candidate for District 2.

Incumbent Bill Howard knows the challenges of balancing the needs of residents who run the gamet from Oceanfront homeowners to rural houses on Highway 90.   It is a challenging task, but one Bill has been able to accomplish.

Residents of all stripes have the same priority, a desire that their elected officials put quality of life issues first.

Good infrastructure, with good roads, police and first responders are paramount.

Bill is working to see that District 2 leads the county in solid infrastructure planning.

Carolina Forest is among the fastest growing communities in our county.  The needs for such a fast growing community are among Bill’s top concerns during the next legislative session.

Balancing growth and the cost for growth is something we need a steady hand on in District 2.

Bill has raised his family in our area.  Bill knows what is good for our residents is also good for tourism.

Bill is bringing his residents first agenda into every council meeting, planning for the highest possible quality of life for District 2 as we all grow together.




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