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Audrey Hudson

Blogger’s post doesn’t hold water, but government insiders “liked” it

2019 data provided by the N.Y. Times and Pew Research Center show American trust in government and media at historical lows.

Trust in state, local, and federal government stood at 24% in 2014. Polls do show trust in government has rebounded to 26% in 2019, however, 74% of Americans currently do not trust government.


Americans no longer trust the media, either, and with good reason. In the latest Pew Research poll, half of all Americans say made up news and information is a “very big problem” today.

When local media and local government become bedfellows, look out.

2019 Pew Research


Enter local Myrtle Beach establishment blogger Audrey Hudson. Audrey is a favorite among local establishment elites including Myrtle Beach City Government, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Jimmy Gray – MBACC lobbyist, Kathy Richardson – Grand Strand Business Alliance Executive, John Pedersen – Myrtle Beach City Manager, S.C. Representative Heather Crawford Ammons and a host of other government tax subsidized insiders. They adore her work.

On March 18, 2016, Audrey Hudson wrote the following article: Myrtle Beach area beaches test safe for swimming; social media buzz false. This pro – Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (MBACC) propaganda was based on the foundation of one MBACC purchased March SCDHEC bacteria test. Hudson believed that this one “off season” bacteria test was sufficient enough to substantiate the bold headline she published above at that time.

Her latest blog post contradicts her earlier article, however. Mrs. Hudson published a blog on Aug. 18th titled: “The facts behind this swimming scare don’t hold water“.

She now writes, “The highest bacteria count of the year occurred on April 9, when weather records show it was raining with 59 degree ocean temperatures and 54 degree air temperatures. Not what we would consider a swimming day.

Hudson adds, [there is no] explanation why the environmental activist group considers October through March swimming days. 

However, in her 2016 MBACC propaganda piece, Audrey Hudson considered the one bacteria test ran in March 2016 and paid for by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce concrete proof that MBACC’s beach water quality assumptions were facts. In that article, Hudson’s does not question MBACC’s assertion “all of our beaches are safe and clean”.

Hudson never questioned whether the one test done in March was, in fact, a swimming day in 2016. She never questioned Brad Dean, then MBACC C.E.O., about the date of the test. She never questioned MBACC about the ” scientific soundness” of beach water quality based on one stand alone test.


Hudson later goes on to add: We didn’t see any changes in the South Carolina chart, [published by USA today].

The chart, however, was Hudson’s one beef with the USA today article. When the newspaper removed the national charts, USA today never changed any of its written content in the article.

Hudson claimed the chart USA TODAY published, which we re-published, was suspect. Yet in her current article she admits, [after examing the charts] the [S.C.] chart was never changed. USA today fully stood by the written content in its article. No content changes have ever been made.

The chart was simply an easy to understand visual image explaining the written content inside the article.

In her latest article, Hudson publishes an outright lie.

We informed Hudson, the chart mirrored our meticulously collected data samples of over the past almost 4 years. We told her we had records on file kept as they were constantly being published beginning in March 2016 forward.

Yet she published: “According to the email timestamps, Hucks forwarded the tests to us then announced on Facebook he had been vindicated in the span of 20 minutes.

“We don’t know what kind of mad scientist skills Hucks has, but we are not a trained hydrologist so we needed more than a few minutes to review 15,805 water samples, then compare it to the study in question.”

We told her from day one, we possessed the posted samples from beginning March 2016. We knew the data the day we published: City of Myrtle Beach rates S.C.’s dirtiest bacteria beach

We FOIA’d and sent her copies directly from SCDHEC so as to avoid any claims from her that the data was somehow doctored on our end.

The 5 years of samples SCDHEC returned that were sent to Hudson could only match the samples we had in our existing files as they were one and the same.

THE CHARLESTON POST AND COURIER ALSO PUBLISHED AN ARTICLE VALIDATING OUR CLAIM: MYRTLE BEACH IS S.C.’s DIRTIEST BEACH. Hudson never questioned their reporting nor challenged their article’s assertion.

Post and Courier Article July 24, 2019

She rather used nuanced language to cast doubt on scientific facts. Is it any wonder half of all Americans believe made up news and info is among today’s biggest concerns? Despite her dishonesty, the truth of our article stands: The City of Myrtle Beach rates S.C.’s dirtiest bacteria beach


All locals, insiders, establishment-tax-subsidized apologists, and regular citizens can see the science for themselves. The scientific facts are in. The City of Myrtle Beach rates S.C.’s dirtiest bacteria beach .

SCDHEC Beach Data 2014 to Current by David L Hucks on Scribd



About David Hucks

Born in 1961, David is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at MyrtleBeachSC.com

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