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Brian Sweeney loses election appeal before S.C. Supreme Court

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David Hucks
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From: Brian Sweeney

Letter to Supporters

Some of you may know that I appealed the SC State House District 106 runoff results to SCGOP.  The SCGOP EC Committee declined the appeal.  I then took the appeal to the SC Supreme Court.  I was advised late yesterday that the Supreme Court declined my appeal of the results.

The basis of my appeal had to do with the fact that 1,377 (Horry County wide, not District 106) Republican mail-in voters mistakenly received Democratic ballots.  The mistake was not discovered with corrected ballots mailed out until the Friday before the June 28 run-off election.  Many of the corrected ballots were not received by the deadline of June 28 (or at all) and therefore were not counted.  That is in line with SC election law but the election law had not anticipated the ballot mistake and, potentially, 1,377 voters were disenfranchised.  Of these, 306 were in District 106. 

Anyway, the Court ruled that the results likely would not have changed had the mistake not occurred and declined my appeal.  Note that my appeal did not seek to discover how/why the ballot mistake occurred.  The Supreme Court’s decision does not hold the June 28, 2022, runoff election was free from irregularities.  This decision does hold that any irregularities in this election have not “rendered the result of the election in doubt.”

Disappointing results to be sure but God often works in mysterious ways. 

I want to thank all of you for the support and encouragement you provided before, during and after the campaign.  It means a lot.

Brian Sweeney  



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