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Bringing the most popular renewable energy solution into your home

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Unless you’re wealthy, you’re probably looking for ways of saving a couple of bucks. Investing in renewable energy is among the best ways of cutting monthly bills.

Your utility bills can be eliminated or reduced with the use of renewable energy. Below are different ways of using renewable energy to help you power your home.

Wind Turbines

It is found primarily in wind farms or the floating shores, but you can opt installing a small wind turbine in case you possess enough real estate to help power your home. Wind turbines have various downsides like being noisy and ugly as they also take up space depending on your location.

Although, if the disadvantages don’t apply to you, there is no need to be bothered as it may be one of the greatest assets.

Solar power 

Electricity for your home gets generated using the sun through the solar panels which get installed on your roof.  The sun’s rays are taken by the panel as they convert them to electricity which helps warm your home and power your devices.

During the daylight hours, the panel’s power can be generated as it doesn’t need to be a sunny day for it to work. The panel generates more power on sunny days.

Hydrogen cells 

They are an exciting way for energy generation. Energy can get created through setting up cells whose role is powering the house which is done for a long period  or it can get done through getting for example an hydrogen tank which you should refill just like the way you refill a generator. 

There are different home setups, and through this, it’s your responsibility to determine whether hydrogen is among the efficient ways for power generation. In most communities, the cell power is used because of how easier it becomes for the communities to refresh.  

Solar water heating  

The solar water heaters use the sun for heating a reserve of water, as the water can then get pumped through your radiators or out of your showerheads and faucets. The system is much cheaper than using electricity or gas to heat your water as it’s also easier to install.

In case you’re not willing to commit to powering your entire home entirely with renewable energy, you can consider solar water heating, as its good alternative that will help you slash your monthly energy bill. 

Solar Air Conditioning

In your home, you may realize how air conditioning uses more electricity compared to other things. Each year, the air conditioning may cost you a substantial amount of money, especially in the presence of central air and when you live in a hot climate. So, you can save your money and help the environment by using hot water to cool your home.

Air source heat pumps

It is a renewable energy system that uses heat from the outside air to provide you with heating and some hot water, which works similarly to a fridge but the reverse.  It is a clean and environmentally friendly source of heating that is virtually silent when it operates as it can save you up to $360 yearly on your heating bill than an oil-fired system.

Micro hydropower system

If you have a running system on your property, you may think of diverting your water flow through some small turbine while letting the currency generate free electricity daily for 24 hours. Often, the micro hydropower system is better than the hybrid system because of the flow of water, which is more reliable and continuous than the sun and wind.

Geothermal heat pumps

The temperatures below the ground are more stable than the ones where your home is, and during winter, the geothermal heat pump can help you steal the buried warmth. The system, in this case, uses a closed loop of pipes to assist in pumping the fluid through an underground channel to your house and back underground. 

In your home, warmth gets used by a heat exchanger from the pipes for heating the living spaces as it uses minimal energy.


Biomass is an exciting system which can get used in your house as you may also prefer joining a community collective which uses the energy. The biomass energy can be produced with the help of a unique compost generator and heap. It’s among the safe ways to help you generate energy because you need to recycle all your trash to help make more power instantly.


One of the great ways to make your home sustainable, reduce carbon footprints, and potentially lower your energy costs is by choosing renewable energy.



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