Bruce Boulineau Promoted To Assistant City Manager

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David Hucks
David Hucks
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Bruce Boulineau to step in as Assistant City Manager effective April 14


In an email to city staff,  City Manager John Pedersen announced the promotion of current city construction director Bruce Boulineau to Assistant City Manager.   Ron Andrews, a highly respected Assistant City Manager has decided to step down from this position.

The City Manager’s email was sent out  as follows:

As many of you know Assistant City Manager Ron Andrews is stepping down from his day-to-day duties as first Public Works Director and, more recently, as Assistant City Manager.  I am delighted, however, that Ron will not be leaving the team entirely.  He has agreed to stay with us as a part-time Special Projects Coordinator where he will continue to use is expertise, skills, and experience to the City’s and the organizations’ benefit.  Ron will continue as the project manager for our most challenging high profile capital projects; be available as a mentor to other project managers, and our emerging young future leaders; and to continue as a valued adviser to Council and me (for which I am personally indebted).  Ron will begin this transition on April 13

Ron obviously will leave some very big shoes to fill, and I have asked Construction Services Director Bruce Boulineau to step in them as Assistant City Manager effective April 14.  Bruce is very capable, very knowledgeable about this community, and has shown his dedication to the City and to this organization over a very long and distinguished career.  I am very grateful that Bruce has accepted this challenge, and ask that you all give him your support in his new role.    Nearly next week we will post an in-house job advertisement for the Construction Services Director’s position as well.  I expect that we will turn that selection process around quickly.

As you also know, Human Resources Director Coleman Randall retired earlier this month after more than 30 years of service to this City.  Coleman did an outstanding job for the City, but any transition in leadership also brings about the opportunity for change.  In this case, I am asking the Department to move away from its traditional HR function that it has performed very well, and move toward an “Organizational Development” emphasis.   I have asked Dr. Angela Kegler to lead that effort as the new Director also effective April 14.  While Angela was an external candidate for this position, she is very well known to many of you as the Coordinator and Trainer for our the City Leadership Institute of Myrtle Beach (CLIMB) program.


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