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BurgerFi … Naturally Different



burger2North Myrtle Beach welcomed its newest offering to the world of burger places … BurgerFi. Located at 801 Mail Street in North Myrtle Beach, BurgerFi is a fast-moving burger eatery from Palm Beach County, Fla., established in 2009. It will soon have more than 50 restaurants from coast to coast.

Offering grass-fed Angus beef burgers with the popular Breakfast All Day (B.A.D.) burger with a fried egg, American cheese, bacon, hash browns, maple syrup and griddled sweet onions. It comes on the chain’s signature branded bun, a sweet, squishy specimen reminiscent of the addictive, eggy Hawaiian bread you find in grocery stores. It all adds up to an insane indulgence that only the most calorie- and cholesterol-unconscious could love.

The standard cheeseburger with two thin, medium-cooked patties has the perfect proportions of meat to bread with nice, crisp iceberg lettuce and tomatoes that were a bit anemic.

Non-beef options include a chicken and apple hotdog and a surprisingly tasty veggie burger made of quinoa, lentils and shredded vegetables on a soft, multi-grain bun topped with oats. This deep-fried patty has a nice golden crunch and a soft, satisfying center. Meatless, of course, doesn’t mean low-calorie, especially slathered with a tomato-mayo sauce topped with a slab of nicely aged white Cheddar cheese.

French fries are delicious if not quite crisp enough with their deep amber sheen and skin-on earthiness. They can be topped with everything from vinegar and salt to chili and cheese sauce.The golden onion rings are crisp on the outside and softly sweet inside.

Adults will be thrilled to know that BurgerFi has a respectable lineup of wines at silly-cheap prices, from $4 a glass to $19 a bottle. Beers include bottled and draft craft selections.

A full slate of sweetness boasts frozen custards as a shake, float or sundae. If all that is not sweet enough, the concrete combos are tantalizing.

Hip, efficient, inexpensive, friendly and ecology-minded, BurgerFi is definitely different from any other place to “grab a burger.”



David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at


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