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Businessman – Former U.S. Marine John Warren Campaigns For Governor In Myrtle Beach



John Warren

Businessman John Warren campaigned for Governor in Myrtle Beach yesterday. caught up with him at The Yamato Steak House at Broadway at the Beach.

Mr. Warren is a former U.S. Marine.

Warren stated his desire to address the ethical issues currently plaguing all things government in Columbia, S.C.  He also stressed a need for reform at the S.C. DOT in how commissioners are appointed.

As has previously covered, decades long S.C. Highway Commissioner John Hardee is up for re-appointment by current Governor Henry McMaster.  Warren says he believes term limits are one answer to many issues surrounding such appointments.

Commissioner John N. Hardee

Decades Long S.C. Highway Commissioner John N. Hardee is Senator Leatherman’s Son In Law

Warren is a no-nonsense conservative businessman.  Our readers can follow his comments in the top video above.  We shared this video with our grass roots network leadership team at OUR PLACE.   We ask desktop users to please turn on the volume button to hear the video top above.

Warren is a smart, ethical leader for a state currently plagued with ethics concerns.

As we continue to follow the Governor’s primary, which will be held on June 12, 2018, we promise to keep our readers up to date on the candidacy of Mr. Warren, as well as, others in the race.


Most Ethical Man In America Passes



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