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Candidates For S.C. Governor Discuss Issues In Myrtle Beach



Kevin Bryant

Leading candidates for the 2018 S.C. Governor’s race met today at the Crown Reef Convention Center in Myrtle Beach to discuss key issues from questions presented by Myrtle Beach residents.

Kevin Bryant and Catherine Templeton highlighted those speaking.  Former Democrat, recently turned Republican Yancey McGill spoke as well.

Governor McMaster

As State-Wide Corruption Probe Continues, S.C. Governor McMaster Avoids Voters In Myrtle Beach

Current Governor Henry McMaster, however,  was a no show.  He declined several ongoing invitations from event organizers.  McMaster is currently embroiled by his former political consultant’s involvement surrounding issues related to Solicitor David Pascoe’s state-wide corruption probe.  The probe, which has netted high profile state-wide indictments,  was an ongoing discussion among many in attendance throughout the morning.

Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant offered up his contract with South Carolina of which he pledged to clean up the statehouse.  Recent polls show Bryant running in second place behind McMaster,  but with the corruption probe ongoing, many Myrtle Beach locals believe Governor McMaster has a tough road ahead.  Speculation remains that his numbers are likely to slip.

Templeton also presented well.  When asked about offshore drilling, Templeton, a protege of former Governor Nikki Haley, said, “I don’t think offshore exploration is good for South Carolina right now.

Bryant remained focused on his contract with South Carolina. The contract emphasizes greater integrity in how the state operates moving forward.  Tenants of that contract can be found here:

Bryant’s Contract With South Carolina

It is time for the character and integrity of the people of South Carolina to be reflected in your government.

We will take the Contract with South Carolina to the people all across our state and together we will build a conservative majority of ethical representatives with the courage to act on behalf of all South Carolinians” – Lt Governor Kevin Bryant

The Issues

Ethics Reform – Improve transparency and strengthen our ethics laws. The political corruption scandal in South Carolina is a national embarrassment and an insult to the integrity of the people of South Carolina.

Registration by Party – Require registration by party in South Carolina to protect the integrity of the will of the voters and dismantle the RINO-crat majority that is guarding the gate for liberalism.

Roads Agenda– Make the DOT a cabinet level agency so that the voters know who to hold accountable.The largest tax increase in South Carolina history known as the gas tax will NOT fix our roads unless we eliminate the political favoritism that currently determines how the money is spent.

Education Agenda – Expand school choice for families in South Carolina and make the Secretary of Education a cabinet level position to streamline decision making and improve accountability.

Health Care Reforms – Support initiatives to allow insurance to be purchased across state lines and support a sliding scale for Medicaid benefits and institute work requirements to protect the taxpayer while expanding access to coverage.

Pension Reform – Convert the state employee pension system to a defined contribution plan(similar to a 401K) for new hires and honor the commitments we have made to current and prior employees.

Senior Care – Increase access to home care for our seniors and address the severe shortage of professionally trained care providers. They are the best among us and deserve nothing less.




David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at