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Millennials To Be Outnumbered In 2019

Generation Z

Almost one-third of world’s 7.7 billion people have been born since ’01 Newest generation is less ‘self-centered’ than millennials According to yesterday’s news from Bloomberg, Millennials are about to be surpassed by Generation Z.  Bloomberg reports: Gen Z will comprise 32 percent of the global population of 7.7 billion in 2019, nudging …

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North Myrtle Beach Wins Big With BlueBerry’s Grill

BlueBerry's Grill

North Myrtle Beach just won again.  BlueBerry’s Grill is a “must visit” anchor restaurant located at Barefoot Landing. MyrtleBeachSC news attended the soft opening today. Like all things BlueBerry’s Grill, the food and the service were exceptional. The Barefoot Landing restaurant officially opens tomorrow.  We recommend BlueBerry’s Grill to all …

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Santee Cooper: $250 Light Bill For A 2,500 Square Foot Home?

Households in Myrtle Beach are just now getting their newly adjusted electric bills from provider Santee Cooper.  MyrtleBeachSC news asked local residents if they were being charged the expected increases in rates caused by an $8 billion failed Santee Cooper investment. The numbers were surprising.   Homeowners who previously paid as …

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“Family Friendly” & The $63 Summer Myrtle Beach Hotel

On Tuesday, Myrtle Beach City Council voted five to two creating a new Overlay District.  The move banned CBD oils, alternative nicotine, vapor products, and e-cigarettes from the downtown Ocean Boulevard area as Mayor Brenda Bethune said these products are not “Family Friendly”.  A group of merchants, largely of Israeli …

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Local Merchant Speaks About Heavy Handed City Government

Myrtle Beach local cigar store owner, John E Senese, posted on Facebook his concerns over the recent Myrtle Beach City Government planned overlay along Ocean Boulevard. A group that includes City Manager John Pedersen, Mayor Brenda Bethune, and spokesperson for the group, bar owner Larry Bond are working to limit …

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DRC Leader Buying Up Downtown Land

Pyade Hotels

The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation (DRC) is the oddest of hybrids.  It certainly is not government.  While it is a private corporation, the DRC is owned by the city of Myrtle Beach.  It is funded with parking meter monies collected in downtown Myrtle Beach.  On an average year,  the parking meter …

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“I Work For The Mayor” Resident Posts Vulgar Rant Online

Self proclaimed City Of Myrtle Beach?/Mayor Bethune employee Richard Perry went after area residents online today. The anger laced comments were aimed at local residents Perry told to go back to Yankeeville. Update:  We are being informed that Mr. Perry may work for City Owned Whispering Pines.   Chip Smith of …

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