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Fox News’ Ainsely Earhart Invited To Stampede In Myrtle Beach

A group of Myrtle Beach women have invited Fox News television personality Ainsely Earhart to Stampede in Myrtle Beach. Earhardt was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  She attended Sharon Elementary School.  Earhardt’s family moved to the Columbia, South Carolina, area when she was still in elementary school. Earhardt graduated from Columbia S.C.  Spring Valley High …

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Black Bike Week

A Federal judge heard the case yesterday concerning a 23 mile traffic loop featuring Ocean Boulevard barricades imposed by the city of Myrtle Beach during Black Bike week.  The event is held annually during Memorial Day weekend. The NAACP sued the city concerning the barricades and the traffic loop.  The …

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Myrtle Beach Cronyism Continues

It’s a given that large cities have a need for more of just about everything to keep their infrastructure running smoothly on a day to day basis. If you have ever lived in an area with a year round million person population it’s understood that there’s need for more infrastructure …

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Warren Stands Out At Horry County Rally

John Warren

Former Marine and current Greenville, S.C. business leader, John Warren, clearly stood out at last night’s Horry County “Rock the Red” campaign stump event. Candidates for S.C. Governor were all invited to speak.  Those competing included Warren, Catherine Templeton, Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant, and Yancey McGill. Current Governor Henry McMaster …

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Elephant Stampede Planned For June 2nd

30 Years Strong! Biennial GOP Elephant Stampede Set for Saturday, June 2nd Every other year just before the June Primaries, hundreds of voters gather at the old Peanut Warehouse in historic Conway for an afternoon of food, fun, entertainment and rousing speeches by Republican Candidates from all over South Carolina.  The …

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North Myrtle Beach Works To Preserve Ingram Dunes

Ingram Dunes

Written By Vance Miller South Carolina, a state rich in history, bubbling with culture, and teeming with some of the most pristine natural wonders of the world. However, among the historical markers of Charleston, the golf courses of Hilton Head, there lay a true diamond in the heart of North …

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2017 Eminent Domain – 2018 Business Profiling

Business Profiling

Wikipidia defines urban renewal as the relocation of businesses, the demolition of structures, the relocation of people, and the use of eminent domain (government purchase of property for public purpose) as a legal instrument to take private property for city-initiated development projects. In 2017,  an entire core group of elected city leaders were swept out …

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Residents Define Crony For The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber

Myrtle Beach National Kings North

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has been sued by Karon Mitchell on behalf of city residents for sending millions of tourism tax dollars to crony companies created by former employees or inter-connected business concerns of MBACC. The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s lawyer, Henrietta Golding,  sent a …

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I 73

S.C. Representative Phyllis J. Henderson confirmed to the S.C. Freedom Action Network that South Carolina House Legislative Bill H. 4177 is officially dead for 2018.  The bill is a measure pushed by local S.C. State House delegates to convert the $2.4 billion Interstate 73 connector into a toll road.  The …

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