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End Of An Era

Gray Era

The city of Myrtle Beach significantly transitioned into its own “next” this past Thursday, September 8, 2017.   The event passed with few noticing. Myrtle Beach City Councilman Wayne Gray chose to end his long political career by not signing up for the November elections.  Accounting for a short three year …

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City Council Candidates Address Myrtle Beach

ann dunham

Freshed Brewed Coffee House on 933 Broadway Street, was the location of a candidate’s forum this past Friday night.   Three city council candidates addressed a host of issues that included restoring the city’s good name, crime, downtown redevelopment, government accountability, the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, city barricades, among other issues. You …

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Will Social Media Impact Myrtle Beach Elections?

Bethune, Pedersen, Dean, and Rhodes

As the Fall elections approach,  local discussions of Myrtle Beach candidates are on par with college football.   While corporately owned Myrtle Beach T.V. stations refuse to cover the challengers who are actively campaigning for a public audit of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber, (which might take away millions of …

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Rhodes, Smith, Bethune Make Headlines

This Election Will Determine The Size Of Myrtle Beach Government, Growth, And Debt

August 24, 2017 will be remembered as a turning point launch date for all things Myrtle Beach political. Most locals agree that these Fall 2017 elections will be among the most important in our city’s history. Mayor John Rhodes started the day by officially announcing he was running in the …

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City Government Opposition Grows

The group Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean and Safe launched just over one year ago.  The group is now among the strongest anti-incumbent voice in Myrtle Beach.  With over 7,500 active members,  the success of this group encouraged Myrtle Beach Area Chamber  of Commerce C.E.O. Brad Dean to even start his …

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