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A Chance For Change

Vote Bethune

On November 21st, two days before Thanksgiving, Myrtle Beach residents head to the polls in the run off for Myrtle Beach Mayor. The choices are between long standing incumbent, John Rhodes and local business leader Brenda Bethune. 5,800 people voted in the November 7th elections.  Historical data shows that only …

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Why Ed Carey’s Endorsement Matters?

Ed Carey for Mayor

On November 12th, the Sun News reported Ed Carey has endorsed Brenda Bethune, saying “We need to get rid of Mr. Rhodes. It’s a new beginning and we gotta have a fresh start and Brenda Bethune is the one we gotta go with.” Carey was a key component in the …

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Never Rhodes

The run-off for Myrtle Beach Mayor on November 21st follows a new trend in political campaigns,  the FAKE FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN PAGE. Fake pages, created this campaign season, include the one just above – the NEVER RHODES Facebook page, The Real Mark McBride Campaign Page, Not Ed Carey Facebook page, and the …

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John Rhodes

Mayor John Rhodes waged a Fall campaign that ran both Jekyl and Hyde. Despite high profile shootings this past Summer, high crime, a poor Myrtle Beach brand image, despite his unwavering support of the controversial TDF (tourist tax), John Rhodes managed to get 30% of the vote last night and …

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Randal Wallace Loses Bid For Council

Wallace Hat

Randal Wallace, a fixture in Myrtle Beach city government for the past 16 years, lost his bid for re-election last night. Wallace graciously thanked the residents on his campaign page as follows:   Local politicos told MyrtleBeachSC.com that Wallace’s strong support for the TDF (tourist tax) was a critical issue …

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Chicken Littles Gather To Pray For City

Chicken Littles Pray

A group of residents that Mayor Rhodes has consistently called Chicken Littles gathered at Nances Plaza tonight to pray for city-wide transformation. Leaders in attendance made it clear this was not a political rally. The God being prayed to on this night rules all and is much larger than any …

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