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Local Hotels Oceans One

How does a 501c3 [and 501c6] “Not For Profit” convert $24 million in tax monies into $13 million in general  fund dollars that can be spent any way that “not for profit” wants to spend it? THE MBACC PAY PER CLICK MONEY MACHINE The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce …

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Local Heros

Myrtle Beach has a new chapter ahead, a new story to tell. This Thursday, November 23, 2017, Myrtle Beach has much to be thankful for. We have a talented, new incoming mayor. Mayor Elect – Brenda Bethune We have two fresh faces and bright minds on Myrtle Beach City Council …

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Change Election!!!

Myrtle Beach City Council

Myrtle Beach city residents clearly wanted leadership change this election cycle. Incumbents Wayne Gray, Randal Wallace, and Mayor John Rhodes will no longer be at the helm on January 1, 2018. Gray, perhaps sensing the public mood, chose not to run this Fall.  Wallace and Rhodes equally succumbed to the …

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Rhodes On WMBFnews

Appearing as tired and worn as the city he now leaves behind, John Rhodes fell short of his bid for a 4th term as mayor of Myrtle Beach. Rhodes, who has, at times been described as a cross between a “used car salesman” and a “school-yard bully” accepted his fate …

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Bethune Wins

Brenda Bethune pulled off a major victory for both her campaign and Myrtle Beach residents eager to see their city shine once again. Why do incumbents so rarely lose? Challengers are forced to run against an entire system of government and those who collude with government. That systems includes: state-wide …

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Private Businesses Justify Rights To Exist


In 2010, City Of Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer Mark Kruea went on Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce subsidized local T.V. station WMBFnews and informed viewers from Florence to Myrtle Beach that our company [MyrtleBeachSC.com]  was “impersonating” the city of Myrtle Beach.  He also said, on air, that our …

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A Chance For Change

Vote Bethune

On November 21st, two days before Thanksgiving, Myrtle Beach residents head to the polls in the run off for Myrtle Beach Mayor. The choices are between long standing incumbent, John Rhodes and local business leader Brenda Bethune. 5,800 people voted in the November 7th elections.  Historical data shows that only …

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