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Mayor “No Show”

After going on a tirade concerning what he called a “fake poll” that he also falsely claimed was put out by candidate Brenda Bethune,  Mayor John Rhodes “no showed” on city residents who were expecting him to speak at a candidates’ forum September 20th, 2017. A few minutes into the …

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Mark McBride Addresses Dunes Club Forum

Stating that, while he voted along with Myrtle Beach City Council over 92% of the time when he was previously mayor, former Mayor Mark McBride said history has proven him right on those key times when he voted alone. Mr. McBride addressed a contingent of concerned voters today at the …

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Bethune Stresses Public Safety And Patience

Speaking to residents at the Dunes Club today,  Mayoral Candidate Brenda Bethune said public safety was Myrtle Beach’s highest priority.  She explained that the process of putting 50 or more police officers on the streets would require patience, however. Said Bethune, “I would love to go out right now and …

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Carey Wows Dunes Club Audience

“To me, crime is a symptom of a bigger and deeper problem.  Because to me the number one issue in this campaign is incompetence. The staggering failure to lead by the city council and mayor, a glaring history of bad decisions, secrecy… this behavior has been going on for years.”  …

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Unanswered Questions

Gregg Smith

The county and city resident group Make Myrtle Beaches Free Clean And Safe sent out a questionnaire to all Myrtle Beach applicants for Mayor and City Council over the past few months.   According to one member of the group,  all questionnaires were returned with the exception of the 3 incumbents,  …

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Mayoral Candidate McBride Stresses Public Safety

Mayor McBride

Myrtle Beach city residents met last night at Burro Loco restaurant located at 960 Jason Boulevard to show support for Mark McBride and his family.   Mr. McBride is challenging for the November 2017 Mayor’s race. Candidate McBride said that he hoped to help the city turn the corner if elected.  He …

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North Myrtle Beach’s Mayor Hatley: Proven Leadership

Mayor Marilyn Hatley

City of North Myrtle Beach residents showed both love and appreciation for North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley yesterday at a fish fry cookout prepared by Boulineau’s of North Myrtle Beach in honor of the Mayor’s Fall re-election campaign. Mayor Hatley is locally considered one of America’s best mayors. The city …

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End Of An Era

Gray Era

The city of Myrtle Beach significantly transitioned into its own “next” this past Thursday, September 8, 2017.   The event passed with few noticing. Myrtle Beach City Councilman Wayne Gray chose to end his long political career by not signing up for the November elections.  Accounting for a short three year …

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