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Millennial endorses Ed Carey

As a young millennial it saddens me to see my generation supporting Socialism. The 7th Congressional District is constantly being targeted by the left,  what is needed is a strong Conservative County party to provide an alternative of Freedom. To achieve that we can’t just be a party that just …

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I-73 Hypocrisy – Always about money

Opinion One of Mayor Bethune’s closest political allies, former Horry County Chairman Mark Lazarus championed and worked to extend a sunset 1.5% county-wide hospitality tax in 2017. The continued funding was to be allocated to building I-73. While our news organization cried foul, Mayor John Rhodes (mayor of Myrtle Beach …

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S.C. establishment works to blunt constitutional carry

Few in Horry County have heard the names of Rep. Jonathon Hill of Anderson or Rep. Josiah Magnuson of Spartanburg. Yet these are the faces of the new conservative movement now also taking shape in Horry County. Hill sponsored the very popular constitutional carry bill which stalled this month in …

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How MBACC wins state grants – is this criminal?

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber

Publishers Note: With the S.C. Statehouse in session, much has been made about angry resident language towards S.C. legislators. One key legislator publicly stated yesterday that he was afraid of some constituents on what he called the “far” right. We offer the below re-printed investigative report by the Nerve. In …

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Local Writer Mande Wilkes Comments On New Radio Show

Opinion – Mande Wilkes When local right-wing radio host Liz Callaway recently announced her departure from WRNN, many assumed she was pushed out. Dave Priest, her leftist co-host, is also the station’s programming director, and he had not been shy about pulling rank when the two disagreed.  Reportedly Priest even …

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Why The Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill Went Sideways

Last Month, MyrtleBeachSC news covered the investigative report put out by the Greenville News. See it here: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/taken-usa-today-reports-82-mbpd-seizures-of-black-peoples-property/. The report exposes how local government police forces and sheriffs offices are taking millions of dollars in asset seizures without charging anyone with a crime. Reason.com covered this same article and explained …

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Is Myrtle Beach ready for change?

” Hiring Benchmark Consulting and creating opportunity zones are two admissions by the city, itself, that some changes are needed. The question remains as to whether the city is truly ready for change.“ After experiencing over 20 years of promises from the Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation, the city did …

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LAWSUIT: Henrietta Golding cheated bank and clients

A high profile and highly acclaimed malpractice attorney has filed charges against Henrietta Golding, formerly of the McNair Law Firm. A jury trial has been requested. Beaufort, South Carolina lawyer Thomas Pendarvis filed a complaint today in the 15th circuit court. The suit specifically lists charges against Henrietta Golding and …

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