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Police Chief Gall Retires


Myrtle Beach Police Chief Warren Gall is retiring right before the busy Myrtle Beach Black Bike Weekend.  His retirement letter below states Thursday, May 27th, but the 27th is actually this coming Saturday.  City officials did confirm that his actual  retirement date is Thursday, May 25th.   It  will come …

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Brenda Bethune and Ed Carey Shine

Myrtle Beach Local Brenda Bethune Over the last few years, Myrtle Beach locals and merchants have had growing concerns about the direction and future of the city of Myrtle Beach.  Ongoing issues such as downtown crime, beach bacteria pollution, high city government debt, DRC related parking issues, heavy-handed redevelopment issues, and an over-focus on international investments …

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Myrtle Beach

Influence and Seasons – Opinion   “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance beyond death” President John F. Kennedy Residents and business leaders alike have pointed out to our team that Myrtle Beach is ripe for a new season.   …

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Hotel And Guests Ask For Help With Crime

Palms Court

  Managers, guests, and staff at The Palms Court Hotel, located in the tourist district of Myrtle Beach just mere blocks away from the Bay View Resort,  Sharkey’s Bar, the beach, and the oceanfront boardwalk say they have asked the city for help with crime in the area ongoing.  “It’s …

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City Blames Merchants For Myrtle Beach Crime

Myrtle Beach Merchants

  City says merchants create environment for Myrtle Beach Crime “As a downtown business investor, why should my customer be taxed only to promote and send him (and others) to neighboring beach towns when they return?  That is like taxing Ford so that people will be encouraged to buy Chevrolet,”  said …

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Post & Courier: Restoring The Myrtle Beach Brand

Post And Courier Newsroom

Can the Post And Courier Help Restore the Myrtle Beach Brand Image?   The Charleston-based, Pulitzer Prize-winning, non-corporate Post & Courier has decided to move into the Myrtle Beach media market.  Just this past Sunday,  the Post & Courier dived into the issues surrounding  Myrtle Beach City Council’s choice to …

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