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How Corruption In Myrtle Beach Continues

Myrtle Beach News

The Sun News story of the continuing saga of a Chinese Ponzi Financial Scheme has received no news coverage from any major Myrtle Beach media stations.  Yet this news story alone will affect how corruption in Myrtle Beach continues for the coming decade. There are dozens of candidates challenging for office in 2016 locally. It is in …

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Spying On Locals & Tourists 2016

Myrtle Beach Chamber Spies on Tourists

“Digital surveillance  on tourists and locals for commercial purposes raises  civil liberty questions,” said Hyman.  “This Chamber of Commerce surveillance is not driven by security needs. The consumer should be made aware of this surveillance.” Myrtle Beach Begins Spying On Tourists and Locals.  Technology outpaces ethics. _________________________________________ Wmbfnews Video Myrtle Beach …

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Myrtle Beach Tourism Benefit Tax

Shai David

Wouldn’t the Myrtle Beach Tourism Benefit Tax draw more residents into our city and increase our tax payer base? Shai David is the former owner of The Oasis Motels Complex and the current owner of several properties in the downtown area and throughout the city. Mr. David has been asked by …

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Myrtle Beach Parking Meter

UPDATE MAY 16th:   RESIDENTS UNITE AGAINST CITY IN PROTEST CITY BEGINS SCANNING LICENSE PLATES AT ALL CITY ENTRANCES TODAY. CELL PHONES PINGED. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. Myrtle Beach City Council voted 4 for and 3 against in a vote to end all Free Parking. Tourists will now be charged …

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Attraction Owner Closes Competing Myrtle Beach Attractions

Myrtle Beach Attractions and tourists are both upset about what they call special insider consideration.  Myrtle Beach Attractions choices contintue to be limited to tourists with the exceptions of County Chair owned Wild Water N Wheels, B&C leased properties, and Special Chinese Insider arrangements. _____________________________________________ County Council Chair Mark Lazarus is the …

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2016 Tourists Expected Down By 2 Million Visitors


Myrtle Beach Tourists Down Myrtle Beach Tourists down as a result of ongoing political corruption, High Crime, a non “family friendly” atmosphere, dated and condemned properties, and ongoing elevated levels of unsafe beach water bacteria.   In his comments (ON VIDEO BELOW) concerning fewer tourists,  Brad Dean [Myrtle Beach Area Chamber] can be …

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Did City Officials Just Use Tax Dollars To Buy A New Tax?

The Oceanfront Merchants Association (OMA) are a collective of shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars located in the area formerly known as the Myrtle Beach pavilion. Last week,  Mayor Rhodes accepted an apology from the group.   The group’s previous,  highly regarded leader ran for City Council last Fall expressing a need to …

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Market Common Master Plan Scrapped For Political Insiders

“When will city government start working for the will of the people versus the will of their political insiders?” asked Veril Anderson Legendary basketball coach,  John Wooden is famously quoted as saying, “If you fail to plan,  plan to fail.“ ___________________________________________ Yesterday,  Myrtle Beach Mayor, City Manager, and City Council …

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Greed From Area Officials Shuts Down Popular Myrtle Beach Attraction

Sky Dive Myrtle Beach

As SkyDive Myrtle Beach was founded by a “red blooded” Military Veteran,   he recognized a shake down when he spotted one… ____________________________________________ The thrill attraction SkyDive Myrtle Beach has remained on every Myrtle Beach tourist’s adventure must do bucket list for the past few years. Millennials love it as do Gen Xer’s and …

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