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Catherine Templeton
Catherine Templeton is well received among conservatives at HGTC

Catherine Templeton Addresses Horry County Residents

S.C. Gubernatorial Candidate, Catherine Templeton, spoke passionately to a group of Horry County residents last night about her principles and her values.

Templeton is a grass roots, true conservative.  Her message resonates well among conservative, Horry County voters.

The Horry County Republican Party hosted the event.  Secretary of State Mark Hammond and Templeton each spoke.

MyrtleBeachSC.com posted the entire event on our Facebook page at FACEBOOK.COM/SCMYRTLEBEACH.

Catherine Templeton
Templeton Speaks About Supporting Boeing Jobs And Fighting Unions At HGTC

Templeton and current Governor Henry McMaster are now locked in as front runners for the upcoming June 12th primaries.  A run off between those two candidates is likely.

Horry County is key for either if they wish to win the Governor’s seat.

While Templeton is well regarded among residents in the county, McMaster can count on total support from insiders at the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the Grand Strand Business Alliance.  The Grand Strand Business Alliance is the key political action committee of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber.  Allies of these two entrenched concerns bring both big money and organizational support to the race.  Some Horry County residents have voiced concerns, however, that the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has too much influence as it relates to the state of S.C. politics.

The Chamber’s strong support of candidates that include Hugh Leatherman and Luke Rankin do not fall in line with several residents who spoke at the event last night.  Residents voiced those concerns directly to Mrs. Templeton.   Templeton responded that term limits was one key way to maintain citizen checks and balances on such influence.

The race is now just two months away. Local voters are beginning to focus on learning more about each candidate in the race.

While Templeton has visited the area multiple times, McMaster has chosen not to.  With the ongoing controversies surrounding Richard Quinn and Associates, McMaster’s former political consultant, McMaster has preferred to stay just out of reach from any face to face questions from voters on the matter.  The current Governor has chosen, instead, to run an ongoing TV advertising campaign broadcast throughout the State of S.C.




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