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Catherine Templeton Represents Smart, Common Sense Government

Catherine Templeton Addresses Pawleys Island Packed Audience

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Pawleys Island residents packed the local library on Monday night for a meet and greet with S.C. Candidate For Governor Catherine Templeton.

The fire-brand Republican outsider is making a pledge to change the way Columbia, S.C. operates.  Templeton spoke for just over 15 minutes and then took questions from all in attendance.

Said Templeton, “On day one we will pass an anti-corruption law… and this is what it will say… politicians talk about corruption and ethics reform all the time and it’s noise.  If we elect you to serve us and protect our money, you can’t have any for yourself.”  Templeton added, “Do you know that’s not illegal. Do you know that we have people in the legislature that have appointed their sons and daughters to boards and commissions and who are taking our taxpayer dollars and giving it to their families.


MyrtleBeachSC.com has written extensively about these forms of alliances.  One clear example before the state this week has been reported by the Freedom Action Network (FAN).

Hugh Leatherman
S.C’s Most Powerful Politician S.C. Senator Hugh Leatherman

John Hardee

Email Notification Sent Out By The Freedom Action Network

Commissioner John N. Hardee
Decades Long S.C. Highway Commissioner John N. Hardee is Senator Leatherman’s Son In Law




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