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Monday night’s Horry County Republican (HCGOP) meeting started as a financial reading and devolved into a full circus act.

The issues began as HCGOP Treasurer Eric Santorelli began reading the past quarter’s financial reports.

As can be heard in the 34 minutes recorded below, questions were raised concerning two events held by the HCGOP. One issue involved a campaign event held on September 13th for Lindsay Graham.

A second event involved the HCGOP Christmas party held on December 12th. Questions around financial accountability swirled throughout the meeting.

HCGOP Co-Chairman Ed Carey and local media personality Chad Caton can be heard on the audio questioning Co-Chairwoman Dreama Perdue about receipts they say do not add up.

Said Chad Caton, “I have proof in my hand. The numbers don’t lie! Yet, when I brought this up in the HCGOP meeting Monday night, I was belittled shouted down and was told I don’t know what I’m talking about. Then I was attacked by Mark Robilini as to how I got proprietary information. 🤷🏼‍♂️ from that point all they asked was how I got that info.

While the audio is 34 minutes long, we encourage our readers to listen to it in full. Financial breakdowns are provided beneath the bottom video just below. Those breakdowns explain the financial irregularities.

Co-Chair Dreama Perdue, who attempted to chair the meeting, clearly lost control of the room and the trust of many attending as the evening progressed.

State Committeewoman Gerri McDaniel told our news team that mistakes were made. Said McDaniel, “It is sad to witness our party devolve into this ongoing downward spiral.”

As the meeting digressed into what can only be called a “Free For All Circus Act”, E.C. Peggie Bushey states that EC Mark Rebolini yelled at an elderly woman to “go screw yourself fat bitch”.

E.C. Peggie Bushey said, “I think it is very sad and demoralizing to watch this continue.”

The chaos is nothing new. Issues have been compounding over the entire year of 2019. The below video of a 2019 meeting shows Co-Chairwoman Perdue’s nervous energy as she fully loses control of those in attendance.

Perdue can often be seen defending her own non transparent actions, while cat calls echo from a diverse group of those attending the meeting.


The below financial numbers created the stir on Monday night.

9 13 Event by MyrtleBeachSC news on Scribd

_12 12 19 Event by MyrtleBeachSC news on Scribd

HCGOP Issues Summary Copy by MyrtleBeachSC news on Scribd


Wm E Landis I sent an email to HCGOP (Horry County Rep. Party) on Jan. 6th, 2020 11:38pm. In light of the fact that I had received nothing, not even an acknowledgment of receipt, so I will publish the email for the recipients to view. The email is per the following :

To : All Officers, Exec. Committee Members and all Delegates of HCGOP

January 6, 2020

Greetings to the HCGOP Officers, Exec. Committee Members and all Delegates of HCGOP

I just returned home from attending the 1st Quarter Executive Committee Meeting, Jan. 6, 2020 6:00PM and the following are some of my observations. The primary reason for attending the meeting was to determine what the facts truly are, as opposed to the many different street rumors that are currently in the rumor mill. The negative rumors are so bad that I fear that many people do not want to be associated with the GOP in Horry County.

The meeting opened with a correction to the date of the meeting : Changed from Jan. 7th to Jan. 6th. Okay but kind of lacking in professionalism. Proof Read, please. The Call to Order was by Dreama Perdue along with agenda items 2 and 3. The Roll Call was taken by Keith Jester. Upon completion of Roll Call, it was determined that a Quorum was NOT present. This is when total confusion began and much discussion occurred by numerous people in attendance.. Dreama Perdue was the primary controller of ALL discussions and dominated the discussions to HER wants and ways. The meeting was declared to be informational only, no votes or motions. It became apparent that attendance by EC members is an on going problem which some members did not want to address the issue. But a show of hands by those attending indicated that most agreed that action should be taken as per the Bylaws. During this phase of the meeting, it became very clear that the STREET RUMOR of “ it is Dreama’s way or else” was accurate and true. This fact (Dreama’s WAY) continued for the entire meeting.

The meeting moved to the Treasurer’s Report by Eric Santorelli. The report was a summary report by month , Sept. thru Year end, and missing many accounting figures, as stated missing, made the report of little value. Dreama became very defensive about the report (missing figures) and debate ensued around accounting methods and procedures. The Christmas Party financial figures become a point of focus. Chad Caton was given the floor and he challenged the figures (not correct) as stated by Dreama. His bases for the challenge were the actual Invoice (in hand) figures of the Party. Dreama becames very upset and her only concern was, “how did you get that”.

Know, I put my hand-up to ask a question in the middle of the Treasurer’s Report and my hand remained up during the entire Chad Caton presentation. Chad sat down because Dreama was out of control (mouth) just “defending” her methods of accounting. My hand remained up and Dreama babbled on. Finally I shouted, “Dreama sit down and shut-up”. Please understand that most practices of accounting are well established by “CPA’s and IRS” and are supported by the force of law.

Dreama continued her Babble but changed subject to TRUMP 2020. I shouted “Dreama what you are doing is illegal” but that was a waste of breath. I followed the people out of the building as Dreama controlled HER MEETING with her mouth running.

Concerning OLD BUSINESS as identified by meeting minutes of Oct. 7, 2019, …… “Co-Chair Dreama Perdue gave a lengthy statement about her actions in the party concerning finances and transparency in general.”…….. The majority of EC’s appeared to accept Dreama’s response and did not support further action ….” If there ever was a need for a Motion with a ROLL CALL VOTE, then this is it !!! I had hoped for clarification of this issue, to be an outcome of the meeting, but that did not happen.

WE work for TRUMP 2020 and ‘DRAIN the SWAMP’ but the accounting procedures of reporting and paying being used, appear to be part of that swamp. It also appears that SCGOP is guilty of “looking” the other way. IF this is all true then we better look to the RED HATS and forget HCGOP

There are many more issues that need addressed but we will see if there is any attention given to the stated issues.

My hope, commonsense will prevail and the truth will be known because the rumors are killing Us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Bill Landis
Myrtle Beach

Ed Carey’s 3 Issues Det… by MyrtleBeachSC news on Scribd

Ed Carey’s Memo to Exec… by MyrtleBeachSC news on Scribd

Committees and Co-chair Ed Carey have been requesting financial information since July 15th from Co-Chairwoman Dreama Perdue.




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