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“Citizen Reporting” creates a new normal

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Myrtle Beach SC
Myrtle Beach SC
MyrtleBeachSC News is the area's most trusted, most engaged local news source. covers original, local content without the Corporate News agenda. Local News for Horry County residents.

Early this morning, local Conway area resident, Shannon Cain, posted her concerns about downtown Myrtle Beach in a Facebook group. The post was viewed by 1,700 locals in just a few hours.

See Shannon’s post on FB <here>


Shannon is just one of 330,000 Horry County residents sharing news content, posting Live-Streams, and citizen reporting their own original content on Facebook and Youtube.

State and local politicians are concerned. Citizen reporting residents are posting issues that run the gamete from government/corporate collusion, flooding, over-development, insider deals, government/establishment collusion, government negligence, to government corruption. These issues are being discussed online, despite all attempts by mainstream media to paint the situation as otherwise.

Life-Long bureaucrats, who once could hide out for decades in government, are just as concerned.

Chris Eldridge terminated after getting involved in election politics

Horry County Administrator Chris Eldridge was just one of such. Eldridge lost his job when social media activists challenged his getting involved in the Horry County election process of 2018.


MyrtleBeachSC news chose to work with the Freedom Action Network on social media starting last July 2018. We could see the impact they had. This group is one of the most successful at holding state and local governments accountable.

Our relationship has been a huge success,” said David Hucks, Publisher, MyrtleBeachSC news. “Today, after a full year of working with FAN on Facebook, we added Watercooler Wednesday as a navigation bar on our news site.


A growing group of those posting

Residents are showing up at City Council meetings. They are showing up at County Council meetings. Residents are showing up at planning and zoning meetings, school board meetings, and civic meetings.

They are bringing their cell phones and cameras with them.

See this post on FB <here>

We have to re-think the way we do news,” said Hucks. “I personally believe local media and local governments are going through a learning curve here. Governments should represent left leaning ideas in left leaning towns. In S.C., however, local and state, “left leaning” officials hiding out as Republicans will no longer be able to hide.

Bureaucrats and elected officials will also need to reconsider a past history of arrogantly passing legislation explicitly for the benefit of collusive government concerns as well.

The colluded, establishment privilege these few have shared is now being addressed


We are looking at adding more citizen reporters to our news site team,” said Hucks. “With today’s data management and customer relationship management software tools, MyrtleBeachSC news can add the entire county database to our news site.”

We have all witnessed how “Agenda Driven Mainstream Media” has tarnished the reputation of news. We are also experiencing how corportate social platforms, like GOOGLE and FACEBOOK, are suppressing conservative thought and speach.

We have to be careful, however, to only allow residents who are vetted as truth tellers to post on our news site. In the long run, only those telling the truth in local areas will win out,” Hucks added.

MyrtleBeachSC news is “local news focused” first and foremost. Our goal is to highlight local voices carrying a message of truth. Residents who are willing to do citizen reporting that holds state and local governments honest and accountable are residents we will be giving a voice to.

We have no intentions of impacting the world – JUST HORRY COUNTY.



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