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City Can’t Get Chinese Story Straight



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City Can’t Get Chinese Story Straight

Told Media Visitors Are Coming.  Then Told Media Visitors Delayed.  Now High Level Chinese Officials are mysteriously in town.


On August 25th,  Myrtle Beach Mayor told local news WBTW that Chinese investors would be visiting Myrtle Beach on Saturday, August 27th.   Less than 24 hours later,  the Myrtle Beach Sun News reported that the investor trip had been delayed until October.

Today, WMBFnews’ Amy Lipman reported getting a business card from one of several Chinese investors who just happened to be in town.  That Chinese investor turned out to be a Chinese Secretary General named Zheng Yong Sheng.   All Chinese investments in Myrtle Beach must be approved by the Peoples Republic of China.

Afterwards,  WMBFnews officially reported the following headline:  Chinese officials meeting with city leaders in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber President,  Brad Dean, told WMBFnews, these Chinese investors were among those visiting to look at possibilities for investment in the Myrtle Beach market. “Ultimately their investment will be determined by partnerships they create and whether or not they will be able to leverage their resources amidst the other opportunities in the market, but from our [Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce]  perspective this is just another way that we sell the Myrtle Beach area,”  Dean said.

Dean also reported on an upcoming September 6th visit he and Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes are now taking to China. WMBF reports that the Myrtle Beach Chamber is paying for both the mayor’s and Dean’s trips with private contributions. Dean said the cost for both of them is about $5,000.

Keep Myrtle Beaches Free Clean and Safe

Skip Hoagland,  a S.C. State-Wide Chamber watchdog informed a local group opposed to parking fees in the Golden Mile section of Myrtle Beach that the only way to stop Brad Dean and this type of Chamber abuse is to force a forensic audit by new county member sign ups.  Hoagland said,  “I am convinced when forensic audits are done the result will be prison terms,  just like those convictions handed out in the Palm Beach CVB/Chamber.”   The controller of the Palm Beach Chamber was sentenced to 10 years for $1.6 million in embezzlement.

As this story develops will continue to report it.  For now,  transparency is not this city’s calling card as it becomes clear the city can’t get Chinese story straight.



David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at


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