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Colleton County Sheriff shames parents on Valentines Day

UPDATE: Thanks to your vigilance, Colleton County Sheriff’s Department took the posts down.

Over the past two months, MyrtleBeachSC news has covered the ongoing injustices with S.C. Family Court. Specifically how Judges are appointed by legislative lawyers. These judges then become Judge, Jury and Executioner having the power to lock parents up who are behind on child support. Often these child support payments are set at questionable levels.

The parents have no way to earn income while incarcerated. However, these parents can not get out of jail until the debt is satisfied.

Something is clearly wrong with the process.

Senator Luke Rankin
Senate Judiciary Chairman Luke Rankin

Our reporting can be found here: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/is-s-c-family-court-a-new-debtors-prison-unto-itself-does-the-system-work/

here: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/does-s-c-need-judicial-reform-how-s-c-picks-its-judges/

and here: https://myrtlebeachsc.com/hundreds-of-horry-county-residents-frustrated-with-family-court-judicial-system/

Today, the Colleton County Sheriff’s office put that broken system on steroids, publicly shaming parents.

If you believe this is unfair, please let the Colleton County Sheriff’s office know by commenting on their Facebook Page.

We ask our readers, what are your thoughts? Good government? or a system that needs reform?




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