Correction to our May 17th Mica Miller Divorce Article

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CORRECTION May 18: We pulled Mica Miller vs. John-Paul Miller, Solid Rock (defendants) Separate Support and Maintenance Case filed by Attorney Regina Ward.

As Mandy Powers Norrell correctly points out on X

It looks like it was originally in more names than just JP Miller (the et al designation), and then in 2020, he bought out the others’ interests for $34K and the deed was then created to concentrate the property in his name alone. You’d have to pull the deed to know who the other et al is.

As you can also see below this X post by Robbie Harvey:


Ixchel responds:

If JP owns other properties like Solid Rock, the new land and Crocodile Rocks and a store of some kind Plus any other those also are assets to be considered in the Divorce which she would get 50% most likely. So yes JP would have had to split 50% and take a financial hit. Mica would have eventually be fine if not very well off financially in time but I’m not sure she understood that

Mandy Powers Norrell responds

That’s not the case if he owned those assets before they were married. Those would likely be non-marital assets and not subject to equitable division.

Ixchel responds:

He was hiding assets every which way I’m sure. What he didn’t understand was he was so horrible to live with she left with nothing and would have been happy to just get out of Free and ALIVE.

As the pending June 5th court case, filed by Attorney Ward on behalf of the family is in play, it is clear that the assets do matter to Mica’s family.

JP Miller Home is worth $366,500 today, but he supposedly paid $34,500 for his portion of it on November 17, 2020

KEY QUESTION: Was Miller an et al when Cote purchased the home for $188,000 in 2016? We have yet to determine this information.

John-Paul and Mica Miller were married in 2017. If John-Paul was a part of Cote’s et al in 2016, then he would have entered the marriage with $34,500 in equity pre-existing the marriage by one year. In all of my years of purchasing real estate, I have never partnered in a business relationship for purchasing a primary residence.

Such are the twists and turns that define all things JP Miller. He certainly was concerned enough to move the assets

Regardless, the picture of what Mica Miller knew before her death is now coming more clearly into focus. Mica Miller kept a diary.

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