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Mary Jeffcoat
Myrtle Beach City Councilwoman Mary Jeffcoat

Councilman Jeffcoat Denies Eminent Domain Issued

Myrtle Beach business owner, Andrew Paulussen, asked Myrtle Beach City Council to rescind the Eminent Domain order that city council commissioned City Manager John Pedersen with for use in purchasing his property last February 28th.



Motion M2017-33 to authorize the City Manager and City Attorney to take the necessary legal actions to acquire properties located at 505 9th Avenue North (Tax Map #1810707016) and 801 North Kings Highway (Tax Map #1810707020), by the use of eminent domain.  Such properties are to be used for public purposes, including but not limited to parks, plazas, museums and libraries.


Moments later, despite the city council meeting held last February, in which City Council voted to give the City Manger the right to impose eminent domain, Myrtle Beach Councilwoman Mary Jeffcoat stated she wanted to correct the record.

Jeffcoat stated that the city never issued Eminent Domain.  She also stated that the city would be operating on “Facts” only moving forward.






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