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Cover Up? Cries For Help Result In Myrtle Beach Shootout

Pavilion Torn Down


Business Owner, Shai David, Brutally Attacked At His Own Office from behind

Video Evidence Shows Shai David Simply Defended Himself with his legally licensed concealed carry weapon.

History Of Collusion Between City And Hotel Owner [Management Community] Exposed At City Council Meeting By Attacker’s Sister

Shai David was wearing a body camera which recorded the entire event.

Less than a mere 60 years ago, Myrtle Beach celebrated its hey day. In the 1950’s and 60’s, every local knew every other local.  Mammy’s Kitchen served up eggs and bacon.  The Pavilion was our main attraction. The arcade was our oceanfront landmark and cruising the boulevard was every teenager’s must do activity.  It was during this golden age when Peggy Rabon and her husband opened the Oasis Motel.

Fast forward a half century later, the Pavilion is now gone. The downtown area is a mere shadow of its once glorious self.    The Sea Palms Motel, located  just one block from where the Myrtle Beach Pavilion once glittered, now has a feel of a time since past.  The Rabon family established this property and would later acquire the Oasis Motel as well.  In 2010,  the Oasis found itself “for sale” in lieu of a bank foreclosure.  Peggy Rabon and her husband had established and  worked the Sea Palms for decades until his death and her declining health required her to turn over operations to her children.  Peggy’s son Jack Isaiah Rabon inherited the properties and all the potential such a premium  downtown location offered.  Sadly,  neglect caused the Oasis to fall into both poor financial health and disrepair.


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Jack Isaiah RabonAs he has never held down a real job of his own,  Jack’s life has largely been defined as being an owner of properties left to him by his mother’s estate.  Jack is also known by insiders as a man with a long criminal past dating back to 1999.  One would never know of Jack’s criminal past by searching Myrtle Beach police records, however, as they have either gone missing,  or in many cases,  Jack was simply not arrested. Meanwhile concerns over his behavior mounted.

Locals have described Jack as a violent man.  Incident reports have documented him as being either high or drunk even at various times of the day.  It is no secret that Jack has a history of using pain medication to excess.  Drunk and drugged are common conditions police officers find Jack in when they arrive at the scenes of his violent incidents.

Over the past 16 years, Jack focused an enormous amount of his energy and his troubled behavior towards his very own sister,  Karon Rabon Mitchell, her husband (Kyle), and their three children.  Just 3 weeks prior to her death,  Peggy Rabon oddly changed her entire will leaving her estate largely to Jack.  Most locals looked upon Peggy’s sudden change of heart in her failing condition with great suspicion. Many business owners in the downtown Myrtle Beach area wondered out loud if “Crazy Jack” had coerced a dying lady into such a peculiar, last minute legal change.

As the Rabon family are long established hotel owners in downtown Myrtle Beach,  it was no surprise to others who owned shops and hotels near the former pavilion area that Jack could not get arrested, try and try as he may.

After years of abuse, assaults, and ongoing violent incidents with no satisfaction from the Myrtle Beach city police department,  Karon Rabon Mitchell appeared before city council just this past October 13, 2015.   Two city council incumbents,  Phil Render and Mike Chestnut,  were at that very time running for re-election on a campaign touting the lowest crime rate in the city of Myrtle Beach for over the past 20 years.  The city put out its own report which was broadcast by a local T.V. news station WMBFnews. WMBFnews receives tax funded assistance in the millions from the city of Myrtle Beach through a 1% ad tax collected and distributed by the city of Myrtle Beach.  Funds are allocated and distributed to WMBFnews by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce through a motion passed annually by city council.  City Council incumbents Render and Chestnut also handed out post cards to voting households claiming crime was at its  lowest in 20 years,  despite major reporting agencies listing Myrtle Beach as having the 12th highest crime rate in the nation.

While the Video above is  30 minutes long,  this compelling evidence is well worth the entire view.

In the 30 minute video evidence above,   Mitchell repeatedly asks Mayor John Rhodes, Myrtle Beach  City Council, City Manager John Pedersen and Tom Ellenburg (Myrtle Beach City Attorney),  to have SLED (State Law Enforcement Division) investigate the Myrtle Beach police department and Police Chief Warren Gall.  She tells council members that if an officer goes to a complaint with Jack,  you are putting that officer in grave danger, because there are no kept records on his [Jack’s] arrests.  Later she states, “I hold the MBPD responsible.  History shows a pattern here.  These Police officers have none of that because there are no records in your computers.” After continued rebuttals by city council members, Mitchell also states, “I feel I’ve got a cover up going.”

In this video, Councilman Gray and Councilwoman Grissom repeatedly attempt to silence Mrs. Mitchell.  Despite city council members’ continued requests to allow City Manager John Pedersen an attempt to have his own private investigation of the police department,  Mrs. Mitchell continued in her plea for city council to call in SLED for a thorough and impartial investigation of all involved.   Speaking about City Manager Pedersen,  Mitchell states, “I have the utmost respect for him,  but you’re going to have something on your hands!”   As events would later unravel with “Crazy Jack”, Mrs. Mitchell spoke almost prophetically stating “you’re going to have a mass killing on your hands…”

The video also shows Mitchell handing city council multiple pages of evidence on a 16 year pattern of violent behavior and crimes committed by Jack Isaiah Rabon.   She states that he is heavily armed and that  within the past short period he has purchased two lazer guided hand guns.  She also states that he has made threats on the lives of city police officials as well as Bruce Boulineau – Myrtle Beach Construction Services Director,  and former hotel owner Shai David.

In light of Mitchell’s cries for help and despite receiving a packet covering sixteen years of ongoing criminal evidence,  Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Chestnut can be heard in this video asking for more time to allow the city manager to investigate Chief Warren Gall and the Myrtle Beach police department.



On November 17, 2015, less than 40 days after Karon Mitchell’s warnings to Myrtle Beach city council,  Jack Rabon attacked a local businessman at that businessman’s office.   Jack was sent to Grand Strand hospital as he sustained gun shot wounds in the incident.   Once again, there are no reports that Jack was charged for his actions by the Myrtle Beach Police Department in another violent episode he participated in.  *[Rabon was arrested for his part in this assault on December 11th, one week after this article posted.]


MyrtleBeachSC.com was made aware by the regional office in Atlanta that the ADL (Anti Defamation League) has opened a preliminary investigation into the issues around Karen Mitchell’s testimony,  the MBPD,  City Council’s response and the incident that occurred on November 17, 2015.  As the issue of this business owner’s Jewish heritage and  as the city prosecutor raised concerns about this local business man’s “ties to Israel” at his bond hearing,  Shelley Rose, Senior Associate Regional Director of the ADL,  has been assigned as the case representative.   We expect the Anti Defamation League to follow the matter closely and ensure that it goes to trial promptly.

A Culture of Crime

South Carolina is ranked 8th in the nation in political corruption.  Myrtle Beach does little to help that ranking with ongoing investigations into local politicians, the President of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber, and several locally connected past Chamber of Commerce Board members as it relates to a 1% pay for play advertising tax that Governor Haley refused to sign into law.  The local option tax was added to another bill that the S.C. State Senate used as an override of Governor Haley’s veto.  Over $324,000 in suspicious cashiers checks were then  handed out to local politicians by Brad Dean,  Myrtle Beach Area Chamber President after this local tax was passed.   The tax now provides the local Myrtle Beach Area Chamber over $30 million annually in tax payments.   No state nor local investigations,  nor any chamber inquiries have ever been held as to what happened in regards to this matter.   The FBI and the IRS continue to drip, drip away at an ongoing federal investigation.  We are not sure of any timelines that might put a stop to the ongoing corruption that plaques our city.

Jack Isaiah Rabon is the embodiment of Myrtle Beach culture. With the October  indictment of one local politician and another having to step down for ethical reasons,  (both of whom accepted suspicious cashiers checks from MBACC President Brad Dean)  Jack Rabon fits in well.

In preparing this column, our team was told by one local former reporter of the Sun News,  if you plan to cover a story on Jack Rabon,  I suggest you arm yourself in advance.  In short,  get a gun.


Karon Mitchell asked all of city council, the mayor and the city manager for help. She pleaded with this group ongoing asking for an impartial investigation of the MBPD by SLED.  She also asked council to call in SLED to investigate Chief Warren Gall.  All of these pleas fell on deaf ears.  It is our understanding that Jack Rabon is once again back on the streets of Myrtle Beach.  Rabon was arrested by MBPD,  but has posted bond and is now awaiting trial.


Shai David is a highly invested and well respected Myrtle Beach business owner.

Mr. David was wearing a body camera at the time of this attack,  which occurred while he was conducting business at his own office.  That video evidence clearly shows that Mr. David was attacked from behind.   Jack Rabon was not provoked nor was Mr. Shai David aware of his presence before the attack started.  Video evidence also shows that Mr. David used his legally licensed concealed weapon to simply defend himself.

As of late July 2016,  the city of Myrtle Beach has yet to bring this matter to trial.