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Create A Greener Home With These Five Ideas

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David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

To live responsibly and improve your well-being it’s helpful to live a sustainable lifestyle. There are many ways that you can create a greener home, so let’s make a start with these five ideas.

1 . DIY cleaning solutions

Many cleaning products are packed with chemicals, when they are flushed down the drain these products end up polluting our rivers and oceans. To live a greener lifestyle, you can make your own home cleaning solutions. There are many ingredients that you can use to clean including vinegar, lemons, essential oils, or baking soda. All of these have antibacterial properties and are inexpensive to purchase.

2. Buy pre-loved items

When you buy items for your home, consider that you don’t need to purchase everything new. Whether it’s decor items or furniture, pre-loved items are both greener and cheaper. To give you a little inspiration, check out these apps:

  • Chairish: With the help of the Chairish app you can find second-hand and vintage furniture. You can also buy home decor items and artwork. There are plenty of beautiful designs to help you create a gorgeous home.
  • Wallapop: On the Wallapop app you can shop for second-hand items in many different categories. A few of the categories on offer include books, clothes, electronics furniture, and more. To make a few savings and go green, it’s a great app.

3. Solar energy

Using solar energy for your home can help you to save money and protect the planet. There are two options for solar energy, the first is having solar panels installed, and the second is using a community solar system. A community solar system involves using a solar farm, and this can help you to save more money. When you use a solar farm you don’t need to pay to have panels put onto your roof. For more information about how it works, check out

4. Try green apps

Whether you’re looking to save water or buy more eco-friendly products, these applications can help you out:

  • Dropcountr: With this app, you can track how much water you use at home, and work on conserving water. You can set limits and get notifications when you’re close to the limit. The app will even contact utility companies on your behalf, to request useful data.
  • Giki: The Giki app helps you to scan products, and check how sustainable they are. Using the app you can check how green companies are, and ensure that you’re buying ethical products.

5. Maintain your heating system

It’s important to maintain your heating system to ensure that you are not wasting energy. When hard water builds up it can turn into limescale. Over time the hard water makes your heating system less effective. You can buy a limescale solution that you put inside your water tank, which should help to fix the problem.

By making a few changes like these it’s easy to create a greener home and improve your well-being too.



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