Data Transmission: The Role of Secured Faxing For Businesses

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Businesses worldwide rely on email and digital messaging platforms to engage with consumers, partners, suppliers, employees, and more. Faxing may sometimes take a backseat, but it remains a secure and reliable way to communicate with others especially data transmission. Why is faxing important today, and what should a person know when using this communication channel? 

Digital Communication Risks

Digital communication channels are easy to use, convenient, and quick. However, they come with security risks every user must know about. Complex cyber threats are becoming more commonplace, so business and customer data are always at risk. A business might fall victim to a data breach or be subject to a ransomware attack. To reduce the risk of these attacks, businesses must always be vigilant. In addition, they need to work with trusted third-party suppliers, such as mFax, when using digital communication channels. 

The Change Healthcare Attack

The consequences of a cyber attack are severe. Change Healthcare learned this the hard way when the prescription processor was hit with a nationwide outage. RansomHub, the party claiming responsibility for this attack, announced in February that it had accessed and was selling information from patient medical and dental records. It gained access to payment claims, insurance details, and patient personal information, such as Social Security numbers. Individuals impacted by this security breach learned that robust security protocols aren’t foolproof and an attack may happen anytime. 

The Popularity of Fax Technology

Digital channels come with limitations, which is why countless individuals continue to rely on fax technology. While this technology has been around for a while, its design ensures secure communications. The fax goes to a specific recipient, so there are fewer places where the information can be intercepted. The healthcare and financial sectors benefit greatly from this technology as they are required to comply with stringent privacy laws. 

Faxes come with an audit trail that is legally recognized. Digital signatures may be used with this technology, and non-IP networks carry the documents for an added layer of security. Other digital communication methods rely on the internet, but that isn’t the case with digital fax technology. 

Online Faxing

Online faxing combines convenience and security, making it a popular option. Users gain security benefits that extend beyond those seen with conventional fax methods and the convenience of digital workflows. Online fax services are efficient and customizable. They use encryption to transmit and store documents to ensure clients comply with industry regulations. 

Security Features

Online fax providers use advanced encryption methods to ensure data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Documents remain protected even when users send them over a vulnerable network connection. Stored documents have restricted access to guarantee unauthorized parties won’t see them. These services are required to follow strict guidelines regarding data protection. Mechanisms are in place to manage and control data flow for the highest level of security. 

Common Misconceptions Regarding Online Faxing

Many people assume faxes are obsolete. Nothing is further from the truth. People are turning to fax more often today because the risk of being hacked is significantly less when this communication channel is used. In addition, online faxing uses fewer natural resources than conventional hacking. There is no paper waste, as no hard copies must be printed. All items shared between parties are contained in the cloud. 

Fax technology is here to stay. Providers recognize its importance and continue to find ways to move the industry forward. In the future, people can expect to see big data analytics and AI-powered integrations. Fax will continue to be a valuable tool now and in the foreseeable future. 

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