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David Cox To Run For Toughest Job In Horry County

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David Hucks
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Horry County Schools operate at a $767.1 million annual budget. The organization is the largest employer in the fastest growing county in S.C.

Since the advent of Covid 19, Horry County School Board Chairman is one of the few jobs no elected officials have wanted.

Yet, Ken Richardson has been perhaps the best on record, and today he endorsed David Cox for Chairman once he leaves office in 2022. Richardson is among the front runners for the U.S. 7th Congressional seat currently held by controversial incumbent Tom Rice.

An announcement was forwarded to the press this morning as follows:


January 13, 2022

David Cox Announces Bid for Horry County School Board Chairman

David Cox, the current Horry County School Board member for District 4, announced today he would seek the Republican nomination for Horry County School Board Chairman in the June 14, 2022 primary election.

Horry County School Board Chairman Ken Richardson is not running for re-election to his current position. Richardson is seeking to replace Rep. Tom Rice as the SC 7th Congressional District Representative to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Cox is currently the longest serving member on the Horry County School Board having first been elected to the District 9 seat in 2008. He served two terms as the member representing the western District 9 residents before moving east of the waterway and winning election to his current District 4 seat in 2016.

Cox noted his experience in serving residents on both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway as a plus factor in his campaign for Chairman.

“I have the unique experience of serving students and parents as a school board member in both the eastern and western areas of the county,” Cox said. “I believe it’s best for the students and staff to have someone leading the board who is familiar with school board procedures, the individual desires of parents and teachers throughout the county and the experience of dealing with the many changes that have been thrust upon us as a result of the Covid epidemic.” 

“My service on the school board has always been about the students,” Cox said. “I believe we must provide our students with the best educational foundation possible to prepare them to go out into the world and be successful.”

Cox said the question often at the forefront of school board decisions is what the local board wants to do versus what the state and federal Departments of Education require.

“School boards are under attack nationwide for a variety of reasons and I believe my experience over the past 16 years provides a good background to meet these many challenges,” Cox said.

Cox gained an early endorsement from current chairman Richardson.

“I believe David Cox is the best qualified candidate to lead the important work of the school board in these challenging times,” Richardson said. “I couldn’t be more pleased than to see him be elected as my successor.”



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