Disgraced Pastor owns church. Church owns plane, $5.9 million in assets

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David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at MyrtleBeachSC.com

Since the suicide of Mica Miller on April 27th, MyrtleBeachSC News has worked to expose the financial underbelly of Pastor JP Miller, Solid Rock Community Church, and the support system that allowed this unholy activity to continue for decades.

Kudos to the Daily Mail, who beat us to the punch, yesterday, in reporting the entire financial big picture.

The Daily Mail reports that Solid Rock Church has a total of $5.9 million in assets, including a $430,000 four-seater Cessna SR-22.

Horry County land records show that JP Miller’s home address now belongs to Solid Rock Ministries – he sold it to the Church in December 2023, two months after Mica filed for divorce and asked for the property to be divided equally. *Please note, Miller personally owns the church entity.

The home was sold by Miller for $169,331.31, which Mica’s “sister appointed” lawyer claims is ‘significantly less’ than its true value. This heads to court on June 5th.

The home’s taxable value is $240,000, around $70,000 more than what Miller sold it for.

Besides the Faith First Academy school and the church building on Howard Avenue, in Myrtle Beach, the church owns three other properties.

According to a sign located near the land, the ministry owns 28.2 acres of land worth $3.42 million, which will be used to expand the school.


Most casual readers believe that events happen in a vacuum. In fact, they do not. Miller knew how to work both the S.C. and Myrtle Beach’s corroded systems.

The tight circle begins with Miller’s father, Wayne Miller. Pastor Wayne Miller began his ministry in Florence, S.C. After being run out of Florence, Wayne Miller resettled on the air force base property in Myrtle Beach. Today, the area is known as Market Common.

In 2006, the Horry County Police Department charged Miller with lewdness and prostitution, saying he exposed himself to an undercover male police officer in a bath house at Myrtle Beach State Park.

In 2014, Wayne Miller agreed to plead guilty to four felony charges related to forcing foreign students at his school to work for low or no wages under the threat of deportation if they did not comply. Miller also plead guilty to felony visa fraud. Wayne Miller headed Cathedral Baptist Church which he sold to Solid Rock Church.




The Reverend Randall Charles calls himself the life-long Spiritual Mentor of J.P. Miller. He told the Christian Post that Mica and JP’s marriage had simply gone through a bump in the road.

JP Miller has yet to be fired by his nondenominational church, despite all the accusations of prostitution, womanizing, abuse, and extramarital affairs.

The Reverend Charles Randall denied reports that he [Randall] had fired Miller during a sermon on Sunday, May 12.

Randall said in the Sunday sermon: “He has not been fired. I have released him from ministerial duties so he can get some healing, counseling, and guidance. You cannot go through things like this and step right back into the ministry the same day.”

The 72-year-old Randall also said that “misinformation and lies” about the church and JP Miller are being spread.


Attorney Long

After Randall’s comments, J.P. hired Attorney Russell B. Long. The attorney sent out a threat letter, saying social media posts and news reports were being compiled. In an attempt to put a lid on the issue, Miller threatened to sue practically all of Horry County.

Attorney State Representative Val Guest

S.C. State Representative Val Guest is another often used attorney by JP Miller. Guest has represented him 6 times, including Miller’s initial divorce from his first wife.

Former Church Member Attorney Tom Winslow

Tom Winslow is an attorney hired by Miller to get Mica Miller determined mentally unstable. As we reported, the documents were signed at the church on Dec. 4th and then notarized the following day, Dec. 5th. We also reported this action as illegal.

Winslow told local media this past week that he and his wife left the church 3 weeks ago. Winslow said his wife was looking for a different praise and worship service experience.

THE SC FAMILY COURT SYSTEM – Mica’s pending divorce

The money in the S.C. Family court system for lawyers like Winslow and Guest, make that system one of the biggest abusers in the state. Mica Miller knew she was headed into that spiderweb of manipulation and destruction. We have reported on S.C. Family Court over 20 times, including the case of Carolina Forest resident Ashton Moore, directly involving Tom Winslow.

In the suspect 15th Circuit Family Court system, Mica (who had already been ruled unstable) was facing this same treatment as so many other victims we have covered.


When residents look at Horry County Family Court, they can look no further than SC Senator Luke Rankin. As the S.C. legislature finished 2024 business this week, the Post and Courier reported that S.C. Judicial reform was stuck in limbo. Only a reconciliation bill can bring a small measure of reform, but even SC legislators say it is a compromise bill that no one will truly like.

Why has there been no reform?

The system creates too much wealth and power for Senate heads, like Rankin. An equaled shared parenting bill has the sponsorship of over 50 S.C. legislators, but can’t get out of committee. Why? This bill would take all of the money out of the family court process for lawyers like Val Guest and Tom Winslow.

In truth, the S.C. Trial Lawyers, who back Rankin do not want it out of committee. According to IBISWORLD, in 2023, Family Court lawyers made $12.8 billion in income. It’s a huge business paid on the backs of families going through tremendous difficulty and stress. The children pay the highest toll.


We covered the local Horry County crimes and collaborative evil actions of DSS time and again. It is part of the system that allows predators like J.P. Miller to thrive. Most victims are fully aware that the lines are blurred between DSS and Family Court.

How is Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune involved?

Mayor Bethune creates the culture and climate for predators like JP Miller to thrive in.

The City sponsors an annual “Kids Friendly”, Gay Pride Drag Show event held annually in Market Common just a few blocks away from Solid Rock Church.

Under Bethune’s leadership, the City of Myrtle Beach ranks the number 1 LGBTQIA+ all star city in S.C. In fact, Myrtle Beach ranks among tops in the nation.

Annual “kid friendly” drag show held just blocks away from Solid Rock Church

LGBTQIA+ all star city

In all of the years of issues at Solid Rock Church, the city has never discussed the matter. Also, the Church has been very tolerant and accepting of the culture that defines the City of Myrtle Beach.


The entire circle has one common theme. Each member of this circle loves money, yet has little concern for community. They maintain transactional relationships.

John 11:35 is a verse containing two words, Jesus Wept.

Christ calls members of the church to self death. The Apostle Paul wrote: I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

When we began this investigation, our aim was never to inform. This information has been ever present for the entire Myrtle Beach community to see for decades.

Knowing all the ills of Solid Rock Church won’t change anything.

Those who die to themselves, allowing Christ to live through them, will change everything.

Such acts of life transformation are the only way this circle of “evil systems” can be broken.

We leave off where we started. Will this circle be unbroken?

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