District 9 will elect a new Horry County Councilman

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Today marks 14 days until the June 9th primaries. District 9 will be a key battleground district in the Horry County Council elections.

Long-standing incumbent Paul Prince chose not to run for re-election. Voters have an opportunity for fresh, resident-minded ideas introduced to local government, if they choose to elect a “district first” candidate.

The district features three candidates who are most likely vying for the one seat.

Terry Fowler – Issues oriented campaign

Terry Fowler

Terry Fowler is the lone, non realtor among the top three. A retired patrol officer, Fowler spent a career protecting and serving.

Over the past few years, District 9 experienced more flooded neighborhoods than any other in Horry County. Uncontrolled over-development is most often cited as among the root causes of flood concerns.

Fowler is committed to putting district 9 residents ahead of large development deals.

The central focus of Fowler’s campaign has been to highlight the issues. See the many issue oriented topics he addresses solutions to here: https://www.facebook.com/TerryWFowlerforHorryCountyCouncil/


Candidate Causey is choosing to run a “slice of life” campaign approach. This approach is most often used by incumbents.

The impetus of this approach is to run out the clock talking about feel good themes while avoiding the central issues in the district.

A similar campaign is currently being run by Myrtle Beach Representative Alan Clemmons. Note the similarities. This approach largely creates images and impressions, while avoiding critical issues entirely.

Causey took great exception to our article published on March 24th. Causey called many in his district to say this article was not true. Causey was not able to define, however, what about the article was untrue.


Mark Causey is a lead agent for King One Properties International. Among his most recent projects is the development of thousands of acres of land in Longs, S.C. Longs is an area with a history of flooding in District 9.

25 years in Real Estate Sales & Development

A cursory back ground check shows a $433,696.59 judgment against Mark Causey posted this January 27, 2020. The Wizard Wash Inc. was awarded the filing against Causey in court. The judgement remains outstanding.

Mark Causey
Clear cutting thousands of acres of land on Highway 9
King One’s Huge new development on Highway 9
Development begins
Located on Highway 9 in Longs, S.C.


Mailer sent out by Prince

It is true that Rome Prince moved back into District 9 last February to run for office. He has not lived in the Loris community for the past 25 years as this mailer insinuates.

“I moved around a lot”

On his SERGE REALTY business page, Rome Prince confesses that he and his family “moved around a lot“. Records indicate Prince moved from Bamberg, S.C. to Georgetown, S.C. back to the Loris, S.C. area in February.

Mark Lazarus Supports Rome Prince

Key support from Waccamaw Land & Timber’s Mark Lazarus raised concerns among local voters. Lazarus was Horry County Council Chairman until current Council Chairman Johnnie Gardner defeated him in the last election cycle.

While Chairman, Lazarus fully supported the development community causing growth in the county to reach 24% annually. This uncontrolled growth outpaced the county’s ability to police the county or provide infrastructure.

Many, in District 9, believe current flooding issues are a result of this past rapid over-development.

The primary will be held Tuesday, June 9th. We will keep our readers informed of the outcome.

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