Electric Scooters: The Next Big Thing in Transportation

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Electric scooters are the next big thing in transportation. Although the idea was around for decades, if not centuries, it was only now developed to perfection. The new two-wheel transportation devices that look just like scooters are actually electricity-driven.

They are fast, reliable, and will get you through the city crowd with ease. They’ve been used across the globe for transporting people in the past couple of years, and their popularity will only grow in the future.

In this article, we’re sharing info about them. We will try to explain everything about electric scooters, what they are, why they are great, and what you must know about them. If you want to know more about these things, keep reading and learn more.

1. What are electric scooters?

The first form of a motorized scooter was developed and published more than 100 years ago. The scooter drove on a small combustion engine back then, but this concept is entirely abandoned today.

Today, the scooters are powered by an electric battery most commonly integrated under the standing platform or inside the stem. They can reach speeds of up to 75 mph, although this speed is highly not recommended because it is dangerous.

E-scooters are not as secure as larger vehicles, and their small wheels will need only a small obstacle to make the driver lose control over the steering. The driver rides the scooter by standing over it and controls the scooter through the throttle and the breaks on the handlebar.

2. Why are they great?

These items are amazing for everyone trying to get through the city traffic jam. Being small and fast means they can easily get through two parked cars without even stopping. Since they are lightweight enough, the battery can reach amazing speeds, making users get extremely fast from one place to another.

All you need to do is connect them to a charger when the battery is drained, just like you would do with your smartphone. When you arrive at the location you were headed to, you can fold them and even pack them inside a backpack. They are versatile and flexible, unlike the bicycle that needs to be locked somewhere outside the premises, where you’ll risk someone stealing it.

3. Can they go uphill?

Depending on the power of the battery, e-scooters can easily go uphill. This is a question that many potential users frequently ask, so it’s important to answer it.

There are many different electric scooters out there, and you need to know how powerful they are before purchasing them. The average battery power of e-scooters is around 500 Wh, but if you live in a hilly area, you’d want a more powerful “engine.”

Some e-scooters have outstandingly powerful batteries that even have more than 5000 Wh, and they will surely get you uphill, but they come with a high price too. You don’t need such powerful scooters. If you need one for climbing hills, a battery of over 1000Wh will be enough.

4. What rules do they confine to?

This is the interesting part. Scooters do not confine themselves to any standard rules you know about traffic. They can be treated both as bikes and as cars. You’re allowed to drive on the road and in the bike lane.

Although many different countries also have different rules, it’s essential to know that you must be extremely careful when driving them. You can easily get hurt if you get into an accident with them. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear to ensure that you’re getting where you’re going safely.

5. What makes a great electric scooter?

The market is filled with many different models with various features separating them from the competitors. When choosing an electric scooter, you need to mind a few things. First, mind the voltage and the Watt-power. Anything above 250W is enough to get you through standard roads. We talked about the hills above.

Then, you need to look at the time to recharge your battery. Most people use them to get to work and back home, so you need to be sure that you can recharge them while at work and home.

Another thing is the weight. The heavier the scooter is, the more power it will spend. You want a lightweight scooter that will easily move under your weight. Most of them will have some weight limitations, but an average person will not have a problem driving them.


The new transportation device called an electric scooter is amazing. If you want to get to a place around the city during rush hour, it’s impossible to do it unless you drive a scooter. With an abundance of options to choose from, you need to know what the best will be for you. Go through the points above, and see what to mind when choosing one.

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