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Faith In Our Time

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Recent news reports have circulated about the decline of Americans who believe in God.  A recent pew research poll found only 70% of Americans listing themselves as Christian.  That number is down 3 points from just a few years ago.  Younger Americans are especially abandoning the traditional faith of their parents.

In 2015, college graduates are primarily concerned with building their resumes at this point in their lives.   However,  in his essay concerning faith,  Mark Sanborn speaks of resume versus legacy.  His article points out the following:


1. What You’ve Accomplished

2. Results

3. The Money You’ve Made

4. The Impression You Leave

5. Your Career

6. What You Learned

7. How You Improved


1. What You’ve Contributed

2. Relationships                                                

3. The Difference You’ve Made

4. The Impact You Have

5. Your Organization, Family and  Community

6. What You Taught

7. How You Helped Others to Improve Others

If I could reach the ear of young America today,  what I would most express is: Work on legacy at the onset of your career.   In fact,  make it a part of your career.  For me,  legacy gives life and is eternal while resume is simply transactional and fleeting.   I do not believe a person can do true legacy without an eternal perspective.  I also believe an eternal perspective requires a true connection to God.  For me,  that means a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What’s your opinion:  Which is more important Resume or Legacy?

Scott Lemons is a cultural architect in Myrtle Beach.   Connect with Scott on Google+: Scott Lemons


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