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Black Bike Week Documentary
Black Bike Week Documentary

Filmmakers Produce Black Bike Week Documentary

Filmmakers Produce Black Bike Week Documentary

Filmmakers from North Carolina are making a nationally distributed documentary on the Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week Rally.   The documentary examines how city officials treat the two different Spring rallies held annually in Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

The documentary is titled Black Week/White Week.  Filmmakers have also created a crowdfunding site to finance the completion of the production.   The Southern Documentary film fund is the non-profit fiscal sponsor of the film.    The Cucalorus Film Festival held annually in Wilmington, N.C. heralded the documentary as an award-winning project.   Once produced,  the film expects national attention.

Gas Card


A centerpiece discussion in the documentary is the infamous 23 mile Black Bike week bike loop.  We spoke with Ricky Kelly,  the Bike Week/White Week producer.  He told MyrtleBeachSC.com, “I decided to do this documentary after years of having to deal with over-policing and the unequal treatment of black bikers during Black Bike Week.”

Black Bike Loop


The bike loop stretches out of the city and into Horry County around the Carolina Forest neighborhood.  Last Summer,  Myrtle Beach City Council began charging Horry County residents a fee to park oceanfront in the Golden Mile section and other sections of Myrtle Beach.   As a result,  county resident leaders of the group,   Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean and Safe have informed Horry County council they no longer want the loop circling into their neighborhoods and county areas.

While it appears the loop will stand for the 2017 black bike week rally,  it is unclear if the county will continue to work with the city moving into 2018 and forward. 








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